How Are the Roads in Kansas City?

How Are the Roads in Kansas City? is a blog that covers the latest news and updates on the condition of the roads in the Kansas City area.

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Road Conditions

The roads in Kansas City are in poor condition. Potholes are common, and the streets are often not well-lit. The city does not have a good reputation for road maintenance, so be sure to drive carefully.


Kansas City is no stranger to potholes. In fact, the city is currently ranked #2 on a list of the worst U.S. cities for potholes, according to a study by the personal finance website WalletHub.

The study looked at the 100 largest cities in the U.S. and compared them across five key dimensions: 1) cost of vehicle damage caused by potholes; 2) number of pothole claims per capita; 3) population density; 4) average annual precipitation; and 5) winter severity index.

According to the study, the average driver in Kansas City will spend about $335 per year to repair damage caused by potholes. And when it comes to pothole claims, Kansas City ranks #4, with an average of about 14 per 1,000 residents.

So what can be done about the pothole problem in Kansas City? Unfortunately, it’s not an easy fix. Potholes form when water seeps into cracks in the pavement and then freezes, expands, and loosens the asphalt. So, as you can imagine, they are more common in colder months and tend to worsen as winter goes on.

The best way to prevent potholes is to fix cracks in the pavement before they have a chance to turn into bigger problems. But once a pothole forms, the only way to fix it is to fill it with asphalt or concrete and then compact it so that it will stay in place. And that’s no easy task – just ask any Kansas City resident who has ever tried to fill a pothole in their own driveway!


There are a few different types of cracks that can form in asphalt pavement, and each one indicates a different level of damage.

• Alligator cracks are the first level of damage, and they resemble the skin of an alligator. They’re caused by fatigue in the asphalt, and they’re typically caused by heavy traffic or insufficient drainage.

• Block cracks are larger than alligator cracks and they’re caused by pavement that’s too dry. As the pavement dries, it shrinks, and that causes the formation of these large cracks.

• Linear cracks are long, straight cracks that run in a parallel fashion. They’re typically caused by improper joint construction or thermal expansion and contraction.

• Potholes are large craters that form in the pavement, and they’re usually caused by water seeping into the asphalt and then freezing and expanding.

Snow and Ice

The Kansas City area is expected to see several inches of snow and ice accumulation over the next few days. Travel conditions will be hazardous, so please use caution if you must be on the roads.

Road Maintenance

The roads in Kansas City are in need of repair. The city is working on a plan to fix the roads, but it will take time. In the meantime, the city is asking drivers to be cautious and to watch for potholes.

Who is responsible for the roads?

The City of Kansas City, Missouri is responsible for the maintenance of all city streets within the city limits. The City’s Public Works Department is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Street Maintenance Division, which is responsible for repairing potholes, maintaining street signs and pavement markings, and clearing debris from city streets.

The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) is responsible for the maintenance of all state highways within the state of Missouri. This includes interstates, US highways, and Missouri state highways. MoDOT’s Kansas City District is responsible for the maintenance of all state highways in Jackson, Clay, Platte, and Cass counties.

In Kansas City, Missouri, most county roads are maintained by either the Jackson County Highway Department or the Clay County Public Works Department. However, there are a few exceptions. Some roads in Jackson County are maintained by the city of Independence and some roads in Clay County are maintained by the cities of Liberty and Excelsior Springs.

How often are the roads repaired?

Roads are repaired on a regular basis in Kansas City. The city works to keep the roads in good condition and to repair any damage that has been done to them.

What is the budget for road repairs?

In order to keep the roads in good condition, the city budget allocates a certain amount of money each year for road repairs. This year, the city has allocated $5 million for road repairs.


Kansas City’s roads are pretty good! The city has been working hard to improve them and it shows. The average commute time is only about 25 minutes, which is great. The roads are well-maintained and there is little to no traffic congestion.


In recent years, traffic congestion has become a major problem in Kansas City. The city’s population has grown rapidly, and the number of cars on the roads has increased significantly. The city’s infrastructure has not kept pace with this growth, and the result is often heavy traffic and long delays.

The situation is especially bad during rush hour, when commuting times can double or even triple. This can be a major inconvenience for residents and a significant economic burden for businesses. In fact, traffic congestion is estimated to cost the Kansas City economy $700 million each year in lost productivity and wasted fuel.

The city is working on a number of solutions to address this problem, but it will take time to see results. In the meantime, residents and businesses must deal with the reality of congestion on Kansas City’s roads.


Accidents involving serious injury or death were up significantly in 2019 compared to the previous year, according to data from the Kansas City Police Department.

There were 1,032 accidents involving serious injury or death in 2019, up from 846 in 2018. That’s an increase of 23%.

The number of fatal accidents also increased, from 65 in 2018 to 85 in 2019. That’s an increase of 31%.

Police say the increase is due in part to more people driving while distracted, such as using cell phones. They’re also urging drivers to be more cautious and use seat belts.

Road closures

The Kansas City area is currently experiencing several road closures due to weather and construction. The following roads are closed at this time:
-I-435 Northbound at I-70
-I-29 Southbound at I-635
-US-69 Southbound at I-49

For the latest information on road closures, please visit the Missouri Department of Transportation’s website or call 511.

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