How Far is Kansas City from Buffalo?

How far is it from Buffalo, New York to Kansas City, Missouri? Get the answer and view a map of the route.

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Buffalo is located in the western part of New York state, about 300 miles from Kansas City. The two cities are not directly connected by any major highways, so the most direct route between them is by car or bus. The drive takes about five hours, depending on traffic and weather conditions.

The Distance Between Kansas City and Buffalo

According to Google Maps, the distance between Kansas City, Missouri and Buffalo, New York is 773 miles. If you were to drive non-stop in a car (assuming an average driving speed of 55 mph), it would take approximately 14 hours and 4 minutes to reach your destination.

How to Get from Kansas City to Buffalo

The best way to get from Kansas City to Buffalo is to fly. There are 3 direct flights from Kansas City to Buffalo, and the flight takes 3h 15m. You can also drive from Kansas City to Buffalo in 11h 30m.


Kansas City is about 7 hours from Buffalo. If you’re driving, you’ll want to take I-80 west to I-76 west. If you’re taking a bus or train, you’ll want to take the Greyhound or Amtrak to Chicago, then transfer to a bus or train heading west.

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