How Far is Kansas From Illinois?

If you’re wondering how far Kansas is from Illinois, you’re not alone. Many people are curious about the distance between these two states.

The answer depends on where in Kansas and Illinois you’re starting from. If you’re starting from the northernmost points of each state, Kansas is about 400 miles from Illinois. If you’re starting from the southernmost points, the distance is about 300 miles.

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How far is Kansas from Illinois? The answer depends on where in Kansas and Illinois you are starting from and whether you are traveling by car, train, plane, or boat.

If you are starting in the northcentral part of Kansas, the drive to central Illinois is about 360 miles and would take approximately six hours without stops.

If you took a train from Chicago’s Union Station, the distance would be slightly less at about 340 miles. The trip by Amtrak would take approximately seven hours.

The distance by plane is typically shorter because airports are located closer to major cities than train stations or highways. If you flew from O’Hare International Airport in Chicago to Wichita Mid-Continent Airport in Kansas, the distance would be about 315 miles and the flight would take just over an hour.

The distance from Chicago to Wichita by boat is 966 miles if you travel along the Illinois River to the Mississippi River and then up the Arkansas River. This journey would obviously take much longer than any of the other modes of transportation!

The Distance Between Kansas and Illinois

By Car

The Distance by car is 12 hours and 45 minutes.

By Air

The shortest distance between Kansas and Illinois is 444 miles by air.

To get from Kansas to Illinois by air, you would need to fly from one of Kansas’ airports to an airport in Illinois. The average flight time from Kansas to Illinois is 1 hour and 40 minutes.


In conclusion, Kansas is about 5 hours away from Illinois if you are driving. If you are taking the bus, it will take you about 7 hours to get there. And if you are flying, it will take you about 2 hours to get to Kansas.

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