How Far is New Orleans from Kansas City?

How Far is New Orleans from Kansas City?
The distance between New Orleans and Kansas City is 1034 miles.

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New Orleans

New Orleans is the most populous city in Louisiana, accounting for over 373,000 residents in 2016. The Greater New Orleans metro area is home to 1.27 million people, making it the 46th largest metropolitan area in the United States. New Orleans is located about 100 miles (161 kilometers) from the Mississippi River’s mouth at the Gulf of Mexico.


New Orleans is located in southeastern Louisiana, approximately 100 miles (160 km) from the Mississippi River delta. The city lies along the Mississippi River, which forms part of New Orleans’ eastern boundary. Lake Pontchartrain, part of which is included in the city limits, lies to New Orleans’ north and Lake Borgne lies to its east. New Orleans has a humid subtropical climate with short, mild winters and long, hot and humid summers.


New Orleans was founded in 1718 by French settlers and was named after the Duke of Orleans. It quickly became an important port city, due to its strategic location at the mouth of the Mississippi River. New Orleans flourished during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, due in large part to the lucrative sugar and slave trade.

Unfortunately, New Orleans has also been plagued by natural disasters, most notably Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Despite this, the city has remained a popular tourist destination, known for its food, music and architecture.

Kansas City

Kansas City is in the Midwestern United States. straddling the Missouri River, between the states of Missouri and Kansas. The city is the anchor city of the Kansas City metropolitan area, which straddles the Kansas–Missouri border.


New Orleans is approximately 640 miles (1,030 kilometers) from Kansas City. The driving distance is 785 miles.


The city was founded in 1838 as the Town of Kansas, and incorporated as a city in 1850. The name Kansas City was first used to describe the area in 1853, when it was incorporated as a town on the Missouri River in Jackson County, Missouri. Traveling to and from New Orleans on business brought many visitors to the town, and by the 1850s it had become an important outfitting center for westward-bound wagon trains.

In 1861, residents of Kansas City voted to secede from Jackson County and annexed themselves into Wyandotte County, Kansas on February 22. This occurred during the American Civil War when Missouri was a slave state and Kansas was a free state. The date of their secession is commemorated at Liberty Memorial in downtown Kansas City. Through this vote, the city became part of the Union and was not occupied by Confederate troops during the war.

After the Civil War ended, many African Americans migrated to Kansas City from Southern states seeking better opportunities. They settled in an area that later became known as “Argand.” This neighborhood is bounded by 9th Street on the north, 19th Street on the south, State Line Road on the west, and Highland Avenue on the east. This once predominantly African American community has largely been replaced by Hispanic immigrants who began moving into the area in large numbers in the 1970s.

The Distance Between New Orleans and Kansas City

New Orleans is the largest city in Louisiana, and it is located on the Mississippi River. The city of Kansas City is located in the state of Missouri, and it is situated on the Missouri River. The two cities are about 6 hours and 30 minutes apart by car.

By Car

The driving distance from New Orleans, Louisiana to Kansas City, Missouri is approximately 862 miles. This is equivalent to about 1,387 kilometers or 749 nautical miles. The estimated driving time for the trip is about 15 hours and 45 minutes under ideal conditions.

By Plane

The distance from New Orleans to Kansas City is 789 miles by plane. This is the fastest route, but it is also the most expensive.

If you are looking for a more affordable option, you can take a bus or drive. The distance by bus is 1,121 miles and the driving distance is 1,206 miles. These options will take longer, but they are more affordable.

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