How Long is the Drive from St. Louis to Kansas City?

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The drive from St. Louis to Kansas City is about four hours long. However, there are many factors that can affect the length of the drive, including traffic, weather, and the time of day.

Route Overview

The drive between St. Louis and Kansas City is about 250 miles and should take around four to five hours to complete. The route follows I-70 for most of the journey, passing through the cities of Columbia and Jefferson City along the way. Although there are a few toll roads, the overall cost of the trip should be relatively affordable.


Take I-70 E from 7th St, MO-364 E and I-270 N to US-40 W/Manchester Rd in Missouri. Take the exit toward Kirkwood from I-44 W. Continue on US-40 W/Manchester Rd. Drive to Clayton Rd in Ellisville.

The total driving time is 2 hours, 46 minutes.

Estimated Time

The estimated time for the drive from St. Louis to Kansas City is approximately four hours and thirty minutes. This estimated time does not take into account any potential traffic delays that may occur during your drive.


In conclusion, the drive from St. Louis to Kansas City is about 4 hours long. Depending on traffic and weather conditions, it could be shorter or longer. Be sure to plan for additional time if you’ll be driving during rush hour or in bad weather.

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