How Many Fans Are Allowed at the Kansas City Chiefs Game?

The Kansas City Chiefs are making sure their fans stay safe by limiting the number of fans that are allowed into the stadium.

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Kansas City Chiefs

Arrowhead Stadium, home of the Kansas City Chiefs, is one of the largest stadiums in the NFL. It seats just over 76,000 fans, but due to COVID-19, the Chiefs have had to make some changes to their game day protocols.

Home Stadium

The Kansas City Chiefs play their home games at Arrowhead Stadium, which is located in Kansas City, Missouri. The stadium has a capacity of 76,416 people. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Chiefs have only allowed a limited number of fans to attend games this season.

Seating Capacity

The Seating Capacity for Arrowhead Stadium is 76,416.

Fan Capacity

As the Kansas City Chiefs begin their season, the team is limiting fan capacity at Arrowhead Stadium to 22% due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The decision was made in consultation with local health officials and comes as COVID-19 cases in Missouri continue to rise. The Chiefs say they will re-evaluate the situation as the season progresses and make adjustments as necessary.

This means that approximately 16,000 fans will be allowed into Arrowhead Stadium for each home game. Fans will be seated in pods of two or four and must wear face masks at all times.

Season Tickets

The Kansas City Chiefs offer several different types of season tickets, including General Admission, Reserved, Club, and Suite tickets. The number of fans that are allowed into the game depends on the type of ticket that is purchased. General Admission tickets are the cheapest and do not guarantee a seat.


If you’re hoping to snag season tickets to see the Kansas City Chiefs play, you’re going to have to get on a waiting list. The Chiefs have sold out every game since the 1990 season, and the waiting list for season tickets currently stands at over 50,000 people.

If you’re not lucky enough to already have season tickets, your best bet is to try and get on the waiting list. You can do this by filling out an application on the Chiefs website. There is a $100 non-refundable fee to apply, and it’s important to note that being on the waiting list does not guarantee that you will eventually get season tickets. But it’s worth a shot!

How Many Fans Are Allowed?

Currently, the Kansas City Chiefs are only allowing a limited number of fans in attendance at their home games. The number of fans that are allowed into the stadium will be based on the recommendations of local health officials.

Game Tickets

The number of fans that are allowed to attend the Kansas City Chiefs game is based on the tickets that are sold. If all tickets are sold, then the game is considered a sellout and no more fans are allowed in.

How Many Fans Are Allowed?

With the COVID-19 pandemic still raging on, the Kansas City Chiefs have had to make some changes to their game day policies.

In order to ensure the safety of all fans, the Chiefs have implemented a strict capacity limit of 22,000 fans for all home games this season.

This number represents just over a third of the Arrowhead Stadium’s normal capacity of 72,936, but it is still enough to create a lively and intense game day atmosphere.

If you are planning on attending a Chiefs game this season, be sure to purchase your tickets in advance as they are sure to sell out quickly.

Ticket Sales

The Kansas City Chiefs will be selling a limited number of tickets for the upcoming season. In order to ensure that as many fans as possible have the opportunity to see the Chiefs play, the team has implemented a ticket sales plan that reflects the current health and safety guidelines.

The Chiefs will make approximately 16,000 tickets available for each home game. This includes both season ticket holders and single game ticket buyers. Season ticket holders will have the first opportunity to purchase tickets, and any remaining tickets will be made available to the general public on a first-come, first-served basis.

In order to allow for social distancing, fans will be seated in pods of two or four. All tickets will be mobile-only, and fans will be required to show their tickets on their smartphones in order to enter the stadium. Fans will also be encouraged to arrive early and discouraged from congregating in large groups before and after the game.

We hope that these measures will allow as many fans as possible to enjoy Chiefs football this season while keeping everyone safe and healthy.


The Kansas City Chiefs have a capacity of 76,416 for their home games at Arrowhead Stadium. However, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the Chiefs have reduced capacity to 22,000 fans for the 2020 season.

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