How Many Fans Were at the Kansas City Chiefs Game?

Average attendance is a characteristic. 2019 73,465 2018 75,972 2017 74,106 2020* 13,153 2019 73,465 2018 75,972 2018 75,972 2017 74,106

You might also be thinking, What was the attendance at the Kansas City Chiefs game today?

Average attendance is a characteristic. 2017 74,106 2016 73,328 2019 73,465 2018 75,972 2018 75,972 2018 75,972 2018 75,972 2018 75,972 2018 75,972 2018 75,

Did Mahomes get married?

Patrick Mahomes and his fiancée Brittany Matthews have had a fantastic year together! The pair has already won a Super Bowl (well, Patrick has), had a baby daughter, and has set a wedding date for 2022! 14.03.2022

Who beat the drum at Arrowhead today?

Before the Week 3 battle against the Baltimore Ravens, former Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles hits the drum.

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How many Cowboys fans are there?

Characteristic Dallas Cowboys have a total of 8.35 million Facebook fans.

What NFL stadium holds the most fans?

MetLife Stadium is located in New York City.

Which is louder Arrowhead or college stadium?

While Arrowhead has the most credible claim to being the loudest football stadium in the world, Burrow wasn’t necessarily referring to the loudest stadium he has ever heard. 30.01.2022

What stadium holds the most people?

Michigan Stadium has a capacity of 107,601 people. 106,572 people attended Beaver Stadium in the United States. United States Ohio Stadium has a capacity of 102,780 people, whereas United States Kyle Field has a capacity of 102,733. United States of America

Where is Brittany Matthews getting married?


Who is banging the drum at Arrowhead Sunday?

Former Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Jared Allen beats the drum at Arrowhead Stadium prior of the Chiefs-Broncos ‘Sunday Night Football’ start.

Who is banging the drum at the Chiefs game?

Clark Hunt of the Kansas City Chiefs will be the AFC championship game’s drum leader. 29.01.2022

What NFL team has the most female fans?

When comparing social media attitude toward each NFL team, the Dallas Cowboys come out on top among women; 42.1 percent of posts made by female Cowboys supporters were favorable in nature, while only 36.6 percent of male Cowboys fans felt the same way. 11.01.2022

What NFL football team has the best fans?

1. Dallas Cowboys 8.5 2. New England Patriots 7 3. Pittsburgh Steelers PlayerFans (in Millions) Green Bay Packers 5.2, 6.3, 6.3, 6.3, 6.3, 6.3, 6.3

The Jacksonville Jaguars and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are two teams in the NFL. – Titans of Tennessee – Bengals of Cincinnati Buffalo Bills are a professional football team based in Buffalo, New York.

Which NFL team has the most money?

The Dallas Cowboys are a professional football team based in Texas.

How many NFL fans are there?

The NFL is also the professional sports league with the greatest average per-game attendance, with over 66 thousand fans each game and over 16 million fans in total for the 2019 season. 10.02.2022

What is KC Wolf name?

The team’s “Wolfpack,” a bunch of rowdy supporters who gathered on makeshift bleachers at Municipal Stadium, inspired K. C. Wolf.

Why is K. C. a wolf?

What is the significance of the Chiefs’ mascot being a wolf? Because wolves aren’t very common in Kansas City, the KC Wolf didn’t arise as a result of local animals. Instead, the KC Wolf is called after the “Wolfpack,” a raucous group of Chiefs supporters that stood behind the bench at Municipal Stadium during the team’s early years. 02.02.2020


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The Kansas City Chiefs hosted the New England Patriots in their first game of the season. The game was played at Arrowhead Stadium and had a capacity crowd of 71,000 fans. Reference: kansas city chiefs game today.

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