How Many National Championships Does Kansas Have?

How many national championships does Kansas have? The answer may surprise you!

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Kansas has won four national championships in men’s basketball, all under head coach Bill Self. The Jayhawks also won two national championships in women’s basketball under head coach Marian Washington.

National Championships

As of March 2020, the Kansas Jayhawks men’s basketball team has won 3 NCAA Division I national championships. The women’s basketball team has won 1.

NCAA Division I

Kansas has 3 NCAA Division I national championships.

NCAA Division II

In 1975, the NCAA split Division I into two divisions: Division I-A and Division I-AA. The Kansas Jayhawks compete in Division I of the NCAA and have 3 national championships to their name. 2 of these championships are in football (1908, 1920) and 1 is in basketball (1952).


In 1937, the Kansas Jayhawks became charter members of the National Association of Intercollegiate Basketball (NAIB). The NAIB was founded in Kansas City, Missouri. In 1947, the Jayhawks left the NAIB and joined the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). In 1951, the Jayhawks returned to the NAIB. In 1952, Kansas won the NAIB National Championship.


In conclusion, Kansas has won 3 national championships in basketball and 0 in football.

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