How Much Are Kansas Tolls?

How much are Kansas tolls? The answer to this question may vary depending on the type of toll road you plan to use.

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North to south

Kansas Tolls are calculated based on the distance traveled within the state. The Kansas Turnpike offers E-ZPass transponders for electronic tolling. E-ZPass is an electronic toll collection system which allows drivers to pay their tolls without having to stop at a toll booth. Kansas Tolls can be paid online, by phone, or by mail.


Tolls on I-35 in Kansas are few and far between. The only tolled section is a 1.5-mile bridge over the Kansas River between Bonner Springs and Edwardsville, which costs $1 for cars and $2 for trucks.


I-435 is a 104-mile-long (167 km) freeway that circles the Kansas City metropolitan area in the states of Missouri and Kansas in the United States. The freeway was originally constructed as separate freeway segments beginning in the 1960s. These segments were later joined together to form a full loop in 1988. I-435 is unsigned throughout its journey around Kansas City, with the exception of its southernmost section in southwestern Johnson County, Kansas.

In Missouri, I-435 has one auxiliary route: I-435 Spur, which connects I-435 with Downtown Kansas City. In Kansas, I-435 has two auxiliary routes: I-335, which connects I-435 with Emporia, and I-635, which acts as a western bypass of Kansas City.

East to west

You will start paying tolls in Kansas as soon as you enter the state from the east on I-70. The first toll Plaza is located in Kansas City and is called the Kansas City toll Plaza. The cost to travel through this Plaza is $2.50 for cars and $5.00 for trucks. There are a total of three toll plazas on I-70 in Kansas. The next two are located in Colby and Goodland. The cost to travel through the Colby toll Plaza is $2.25 for cars and $4.50 for trucks. The cost to travel through the Goodland toll Plaza is $1.75 for cars and $3.50 for trucks.


I-70 is a east-west interstate highway that runs from Utah to Maryland. The section of I-70 through Kansas is decommissioned as a toll road as of January 2020.


I-335 runs from I-35 near Emporia to the Nebraska border southwest of Seneca. The total length of the highway is 53 miles (85 km). Unlike the other interstates in Kansas, I-335 does not cross any toll bridges or have any toll plazas.

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