How Much Does Mcdonalds Pay in Kansas Per Hour?

In Kansas, the average hourly wage for a McDonald’s Crew Member is $9.98, which is 19 percent less than the national average. Salary data is based on 62 data points gathered from workers, users, and historical and current job adverts on Indeed during the last 36 months.

Similarly, Does McDonald’s pay $15 an hour near Kansas City MO?


Also, it is asked, What is the starting wage at McDonald’s in Missouri?

How much does a McDonald’s cashier earn in Missouri? In Missouri, the average hourly wage for a McDonald’s cashier is $10.28, which is 13% less than the national average.

Secondly, How much does a McDonald’s employee make per hour?

Over the following several months, employees at McDonald’s company-owned outlets will get a 10% salary boost on average. Depending on the region, entry-level workers will earn $11 to $17 per hour, while shift supervisors would earn $15 to $20 per hour.

Also, What is minimum wage in Missouri?

People also ask, How much does mcdonalds pay a 16 year old?

Starting pay rate: £6.75, £7.25, £8.72, £8.72 for ages 16-17, £7.25 for ages 18-20, £7.25 for ages 21-24, £8.72 for ages 25+. Starting pay: £6.50 for ages 16-17, £7.25 for ages 18-20, £8.72 for ages 21-24, and £8.72 for ages 25+. Starting pay: £6.25 for ages 16-17, £7 for ages 18-20, £8.20 for ages 21-24, and £8.72 for ages 25+.

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Is Mcdonalds a good job?

Compared to 57 percent of workers at a typical U.S.-based firm, 73 percent of McDonald’s USA employees believe it’s a wonderful place to work. Great Place to Work® 2021 Global Employee Engagement Study is the source of this information. When you first start working for the firm, you are made to feel at ease. Management is capable of administering the company.

What is minimum wage for a 21 year old?

£9.18 per hour

What is working at mcdonalds like?

The money is good, and the clients are generally kind. They work with your schedule and provide complimentary lunches while you’re at work, which is fantastic. Overall, it’s a pleasant place to work. The main downsides, in my opinion, are that things may become hectic on busy evenings, and that some customers are rude.

Are McDonalds breaks paid?

No. At McDonald’s, most employees are not compensated for their breaks. Five Guys, Greggs, and Fishnchickn are among the fast food restaurants that provide discounts. Based on 6,162 job ratings from McDonald’s employees.

How often do McDonalds pay?

once a month

How many hours do you work at McDonald’s?

Between 6 and 8 hours is typical.

What is minimum wage in Ks?

Hourly wage: $7.25

What states have a $15 an hour minimum wage?

Where can I find a $15 minimum wage? Aside from California and New York, nine states — Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Virginia – are moving toward a $15 minimum wage during the next four years.

Is Kansas minimum wage going up?

(KSNW) – WICHITA, Kan. — The Kansas legislature is working to raise the state’s minimum hourly wage to $16 by 2026. Senator Ethan Corson, D-Fairway, and many other senators submitted the measure last week. Senate Bill 467, if approved, would raise the state’s hourly minimum wage to $10 by January.

How much does target pay an hour?

Target was the first retailer to announce in 2017 that it will boost its starting salary to $15 per hour, a milestone it achieved almost two years ago. The corporation is now taking the next important step by establishing a new beginning salary range of $15 to $24 per hour.

How much does target pay an hour in Missouri?

$14.37 roughly

What is the lowest paying job at Walmart?

1. The cashier Walmart cashiers are in charge of scanning, bagging, and loading products at the register. Walmart cashier hourly rates vary from $7 to $15 per hour, with the average being $9 per hour, making it one of the company’s lowest-paying occupations.

How many hours can a 16 work?

Young employees between the ages of 16 and 17 are not permitted to work more than eight hours per day or 40 hours per week. There is no option for adults to opt out of this. between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. In several fields of work, there are exceptions.

How much do McDonald’s make a day?

McDonald’s generates $75 million in income every day on average! It is the world’s 90th biggest economy, with a $27 billion yearly turnover!

Is McDonalds a stressful job?

Working at McDonald’s becomes physically, emotionally, and psychologically taxing at different moments. The fast-paced and demanding nature of the company, as well as unforeseen glitches in the lunch rush chain, are the reasons for the specialized work position.

What age does McDonalds hire?

McDonald’s requires a minimum age of 16 for part-time work and 16 for full-time work. The minimum age is sixteen.

What benefits does McDonalds have?

Performance-Based Compensation Major medical coverage is available. Card for prescription drugs. Dental coverage is a need. Insurance for your eyes. Life insurance is a kind of insurance that protects you against Disability insurance, both long-term and short-term. A generous vacation and PTO policy is in place. FSAs (Flexible Spending Accounts) are a kind of

What’s the highest paying fast food restaurant?

In-N-Out Burger is a fast-food restaurant chain in the United States. Customer service workers at In-N-Out Burger earn an average of $17 per hour, with top earners earning $24 per hour. This is a well-established corporation with over 280 locations and more than 70 years in the industry.

What is minimum wage in Texas?

How much do you make at Starbucks?

In the summer, all Starbucks hourly pay employees will earn at least $15 per hour, with an average of $17 per hour. According to Starbucks, barista hourly prices will vary from $15 to $23 per hour, depending on the market and tenure.

Does Wendy’s pay daily?

Wendy’s employees get paid every two weeks. Every Friday, to be exact.

How much does Wendy’s pay in Mississippi?

What does a Wendy’s Cashier earn in Mississippi? In Mississippi, the average Wendy’s Cashier hourly wage is $7.77, which is 34% less than the national average.

Is the Living Wage going up in 2021?

On Monday, November 15th, 2021, the new Living Wage rates were released. Employers should implement the increase as quickly as feasible, ideally within six months. By the 15th of May 2022, all workers should have received the revised rate.

How much do I make a year if I make 9.50 an hour?

What is minimum wage for a 15 year old?

Although there is no minimum wage for those under the age of 16, young people aged 16-17 receive a minimum salary of £4.05 per hour as of April 2017. For each position, a separate application should be filed.


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