How Much Snow Did Kansas City Missouri Get Today?

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If you’re like most people in the United States, you love snow. In fact, studies show that the majority of Americans say that snow is one of their favorite things about winter. Even if you don’t love snow, there’s no denying that it’s a beautiful sight.

However, if you live in an area that gets a lot of snow, you know that it can be a real pain to deal with. Snow shoveling is一and driving in it can be dangerous. Not to mention, all that cold weather can take a toll on your health.

Still, there’s no need to worry! We’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about how much snow Kansas City Missouri got today.

How Much Snow Has Fell So Far

As of 10:00 AM, February 12th, 6-10 inches of snow have fallen in the Kansas City area with an additional 1-3 inches expected throughout the day.

The Different Types of Snow

There are generally two types of snow that fall in the United States: flake snow and crystal snow. Flake snow is very delicate and light, while crystal snow is heavier and has a more icy texture.

Flake snow is made up of thin, flat flakes that are plate-like in shape. These flakes are often very intricate and beautiful, but they can also be difficult to shovel because they tend to blow around in the wind.

Crystal snow is made up of heavier, rounder flakes that have more of an icy texture. This type of snow is easier to shovel, but it can be more dangerous to drive on because it can melt and refreeze into slick patches.

The Best Way to Measure Snow

There are a few different ways to measure snow, and the method you use will depend on whether you want to know the depth of the snow or the amount of water it contains.

To measure the depth of the snow, you can use a ruler or yardstick. Place the ruler in the snow, making sure it is level, and then measure from the ground to the top of the snow. The depth of the snow will be equal to the length of the ruler or yardstick.

To measure the amount of water in the snow, you need to use a container that is larger than the area you want to measure. Next, fill the container with water until it overflows. Now, place the container in the center of your measurement area and mark where the water level reaches on the outside of the container. Finally, remove the container and measure from where you made your mark to ground level – this will give you an estimate of how much water is in your measurement area.

How to Calculate Snowfall Totals

There are a few different ways to calculate snowfall totals, and the method you use will likely depend on the resources you have available. The most accurate way to measure snowfall is with a Kestrel 4500 Weather Meter, which can measure both the amount of snow that has fallen and the water content of the snow. However, not everyone has access to a Kestrel, so other methods must be used.

If you don’t have a Kestrel, one way to calculate snowfall is by using a ruler or tape measure to mark off 1/10th of an inch increments in the snow. Once you have marked off a 10-inch square area, simply count the number of markings within that square. Each marking equals one-tenth of an inch of snow, so if you have 40 markings in your 10-inch square, that means you have 4 inches of snow.

Another way to calculate snowfall is by using an empty coffee can or plastic milk jug. Simply stick the can or jug into the snow until it is half full, then pour the contents into a measuring cup. This method isn’t as accurate as using a Kestrel, but it will give you a good estimate of how much snow has fallen.

Whatever method you use to calculate snowfall totals, be sure to take measurements from several different areas to get an accurate idea of how much snow has actually fallen. And remember, 1 inch of fresh powdery Snow is equivalent to about 10 inches of wet heavy Snow!

How to Find Out How Much Snow Has Fallen in Your Area

There are a few ways that you can find out how much snow has fallen in your area. You can check the National Weather Service’s website, which will give you an estimate of how much snow has fallen in your area. You can also check local news websites or television stations. Another way to find out how much snow has fallen is to look at satellite images of your area.


In conclusion, an inch of snow fell in Kansas City, Missouri today.

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