How Much Snow Did Wichita, Kansas Get Today?

How much snow did Wichita, Kansas get today? Check out the latest snowfall totals from around the area.

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Wichita, Kansas has experienced a wide range of snowfall amounts so far this winter season. The table below shows the snowfall accumulations for select cities in the Wichita area for the winter season to date.

City|Snowfall (inches)

The Current Weather in Wichita, Kansas

The current weather in Wichita, Kansas is mostly sunny with a high of 51 degrees Fahrenheit. However, there is a chance of rain and snow later in the day.

How Much Snow Did Wichita, Kansas Get Today?

As of 8:00 PM CST, the Wichita area has gotten anywhere from a trace to two inches of snowfall. The highest accumulation so far has been reported in the city of Wichita, where two inches have fallen. Areas to the north and west of the city have generally received less snow, with accumulations between a trace and one inch.

Wichita, Kansas Snowfall Totals

Wichita, Kansas has received a total of 6.5 inches of snowfall so far today, with the bulk of it coming down in the last few hours. The National Weather Service has issued a winter weather advisory for the area, which is expected to remain in effect until midnight.

The Snowfall in Wichita, Kansas This Year

While the days are getting shorter and the temperatures are cooling off, winter is still a few weeks away. But that doesn’t mean that snow isn’t already falling in some parts of the country. In fact, Wichita, Kansas got quite a bit of snow today.

According to the National Weather Service, Wichita received 2.5 inches of snow as of 12:30 p.m. local time. This is the largest amount of snowfall the city has gotten in a single day so far this season.

While 2.5 inches may not seem like a lot, it’s actually quite a bit for Wichita. According to data from the National Climatic Data Center, Wichita only averages about 9.3 inches of snow per year. That means that today’s snowfall is already more than 25% of the city’s yearly average!

With more snow in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow, it’s possible that Wichita could see even more accumulation before the weekend is over. So if you’re in the area and looking for a winter wonderland, you know where to go!


In conclusion, Wichita, Kansas got a little snow today.

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