How Much Snow Fell in Kansas City Today?

How much snow fell in Kansas City today? Get the latest snowfall totals for the Kansas City area, including north, south, and downtown.

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The amount of snow that falls in Kansas City can vary greatly from year to year. The table below shows the total amount of snow that has fallen in Kansas City each year since 1950. As you can see, the amount of snowfall can range from less than an inch to over 50 inches in a single year!

1950| 4.0
1951| 22.5
1952| 11.0
1953| 28.5
1954| 13.5
1955| 5.5
1956| 16.0
1957| 10.5
1958| 30.0
1959| 15.0

How Much Snow Fell in Kansas City Today?

As of 7:00 A.M. today, 5.4 inches of snow had fallen at Kansas City International Airport, according to the National Weather Service. This is the most snowfall Kansas City has seen in a single day since February 28, 2014, when 6.3 inches of snow fell.

The National Weather Service’s Snowfall Totals

The National Weather Service’s Snowfall Totals often differ from the actual amount of snow that fell in an area. This is because the NWS Snowfall Totals are taken from automated weather stations, which may not be located in the same spot as where the heaviest snow fell. The NWS will also adjust their Snowfall Totals if they receive new information that indicates that the amount of snow that fell was different than what was originally reported.

How Much Snow Fell in Kansas City Today?

“As of 8:00 AM, the National Weather Service has reports of 9.0 inches of snowfall at KCI Airport, 8.0 inches in Lee’s Summit, and 6.5 inches in Olathe. These totals will likely change as more reports come in.”


In conclusion, we can say that it snowed a lot in Kansas City today and that many people are surprised by the heavy snowfall.

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