How Much Snow Has Fallen in Kansas City?

A look at how much snow has accumulated in Kansas City over the years.

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It’s no secret that winter weather can vary greatly from one year to the next. Some winters see very little snow, while others can be complete snowstorms. So, how much snow has fallen in Kansas City?

On average, Kansas City experiences around 16 inches of snow each year. However, there is a wide range in how much snow the city actually sees. In some years, Kansas City may only see a few inches of snow, while other years could see upwards of 30 inches.

Snowfall in Kansas City typically occurs between the months of November and March. The city typically sees its heaviest snowfalls in January and February. However, it’s not unheard of for the city to see snowfall as early as October or as late as April.

When it comes to record snowfall amounts, Kansas City has seen anywhere from 2.1 inches (in 1911) to 25.8 inches (in 2009). The city’s largest one-day Snowfall amount was 17.2 inches, which fell on February 16th, 1983.

How Much Snow Has Fallen in Kansas City?

As of 6:00 AM on February 2, 2021, a total of 12.3 inches of snow has fallen at Kansas City International Airport. This is the fourth largest snowstorm on record.

Winter Storms

While winter in Kansas City doesn’t always bring heavy snowfall, we’ve seen our fair share of winter storms over the years. Here’s a look at some of the biggest snowstorms on record in Kansas City, MO.

-The Great Blizzard of 1899: This massive storm brought 50 inches of snow to Kansas City, and was one of the worst blizzards in US history.
-The Blizzard of Britton Heights: This 1957 storm dropped 27 inches of snow on the city, and was especially memorable because it hit on Easter Sunday.
-The Storm of the Century: This 1993 storm brought heavy snow and high winds to much of the eastern US, and Kansas City saw 20 inches of snow from it.
-The New Year’s Eve Blizzard: This 2010 storm dropped around 15 inches of snow on the city, and caught many people by surprise as it hit on New Year’s Eve.

The Blizzard of 1996

The Blizzard of 1996 was one of the most significant winter storms in Kansas City history. The city received more than 20 inches of snow, which shut down schools, businesses and airports. The storm caused more than $100 million in damage and left thousands of people without power.


In conclusion, we can see that the amount of snowfall in Kansas City varies depending on the year. The most snowfall in a year was in 1983, while the least snowfall in a year was in 2011. There is no one definitive answer to how much snow has fallen in Kansas City over the years, but we can get a general idea based on the data we have.

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