Kansas Is Located Where?

Similarly, Is Kansas located in Texas?

Kansas is in the United States of America, with a longitude of -98.48 and a latitude of 39.02. Texas is in the United States of America, with a longitude of -99.9 and a latitude of 31.97. Distance traveled: 1015 kilometers and 659 meters (631.1 miles). Distance on straight line: 794 kilometers and 300 meters (493.6 miles).

Also, it is asked, Which city is close to Kansas City?

Kansas City, MO, Mission, KS, and Gladstone, MO are all cities near Kansas City, Kansas.

Secondly, What is the capital of Kansas?

Topeka, Kansas is the state capital of Kansas.

Also, Is Kansas City in Kansas or Missouri or both?

Today, Kansas City, Kansas, and Kansas City, Missouri, are two different incorporated cities that form the Kansas City Metropolitan Area, along with a number of additional cities and suburbs.

People also ask, Is Texas close to Kansas?

Kansas and Texas are separated by 792 kilometers. This distance is comparable to 492 miles by air. The shortest distance between Kansas and Texas by air (bird flight) is 792 km= 492 miles.

Related Questions and Answers

What states surround Kansas?

Nebraska is to the north, Missouri is to the east, Oklahoma is to the south, and Colorado is to the west. Although the state is famed for its huge plains, it is not entirely flat.

How far is Kansas from California by plane?

The shortest distance between Kansas and California by air (bird flight) is 1,854 km= 1,152 miles. It takes 2.06 hours to fly from Kansas to California by aircraft (at an average speed of 560 miles per hour).

How many states have a Kansas City?

two different states

Why is there a Kansas City in Kansas and Missouri?

Surprisingly, while this may seem paradoxical, Kansas City, Missouri was created before Kansas City, Kansas. Kansas City, Missouri, was formed in 1850, whereas Kansas City, Kansas, was created in 1872 after a merger of lesser communities in Wyandotte County.

Is Kansas in the Midwest?

Many people categorize entire states as Midwestern or not, based on the U.S. Census Bureau’s definition of the Midwest, which includes a “East North Central” division of Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, and Wisconsin, as well as a “West North Central” division of Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, and other states

Why do they call it the Dirty South?

A savory blend of African, European, Indigenous American, and Caribbean elements, the phrase represents an identity developed out of the southern terrain and agriculture, as well as its eclectic mix of races, ethnicities, traditions, rituals, and beliefs.

Which city is nearest to Florida?

Florida’s major cities City, Florida Miami, FL is 28 miles away. Hialeah, FL is 31 miles away. Nassau, Bahamas is 197 kilometers away. Havana, Cuba is 199 miles away. Saint Petersburg, Florida is 210 miles away. Tampa, FL is 212 miles away. Orlando, Florida is 221 miles away, whereas Santa Clara, Cuba is 231 miles away.

What cities are an hour away from Kansas City?

Cities Kansas City is 1 hour away. 54 minutes: Elwood, KS.54 minutes: Ottawa, KS.54 minutes: Lexington, MO.54 minutes: Concordia, MO.54 minutes: Perry, KS.56 minutes: Saint Joseph, MO.56 minutes: Atchison, KS.55 minutes: Adrian, MO.54 minutes: Elwood, KS.54 minutes: Elwood, KS.54 minutes: Ottawa, KS.54 minutes: Lexington, MO.54 minutes: Concordia, MO.54 minutes: Concordi

Is Kansas a state?

Kansas was admitted as a free state in 1861, fewer than three months before the Civil War broke out.

What is the nickname of Kansas?

The State of Sunflowers The State of Wheat

Is Kansas state Safe?

Kansas citizens feel safe in their state at 58 percent, which is higher than the national average of 55 percent and the eleventh highest overall. In comparison to last year, Kansans are less inclined than the average American to think that crime is on the rise.

What are 3 interesting facts about Kansas?

Interesting Facts The Kansa Native Americans were given the name Kansas. Because of its high number of tornadoes, Kansas is known as “Tornado Alley.” Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz lives in Kansas. ‘Home on the Range’ is Kansas’ official state song. Smith County is located in the heart of the United States’ 48 contiguous states.

What are 10 interesting facts about Kansas?

10 Interesting Kansas Facts That Everyone Should Know Shooting rabbits from a watercraft is prohibited. Helium was discovered at the University of Kansas in 1905. The DeBruce grain elevator in Wichita is the world’s longest. Pizza Hut, White Castle (and sliders), and ICEE beverages all hail from Kansas.

How far apart are Kansas City Missouri and Kansas City Kansas?

Conversions of distance Type of distance MilesNautical miles are the distance between two points on a map. 20.18 miles (17.54 nautical miles) on a straight line 26-mile driving distance 22.41 miles at sea

Why are there two Kansas cities?

Both Kansas City, Kan., and Kansas City, Mo., expanded north-south rather than east-west because they were unable to extend their territories beyond the state boundary. The Missouri side had quadrupled in size by 1961, while the Kansas side had doubled.

How many hours does it take from Kansas to California?

What is the duration of the journey from Kansas to California? The journey takes a total of 23 hours and 40 minutes.

How long is Kansas away from Texas?

From Texas to Kansas, the entire travel distance is 582 miles (937 kilometers).

How much is it from Texas to Kansas?

Planner for road trips At current petrol rates, the total cost of traveling from Texas to Kansas (one-way) is $88.28. The cost of traveling from Texas to Kansas and back would be $176.56 round way.

Does it snow in Kansas?

Snowfall in Kansas varies greatly, not just from one place to the next, but also from year to year. Kansas receives an average of 19 inches of snow each year. It varies from 11 inches per year in Parsons to more than 40 inches in Goodland each year.


Kansas is located in the central part of the United States. Kansas is known for being a “Sunflower State” due to its abundance of sunflowers. The state’s capital city, Topeka, was named after an Indian tribe called the Shawnee.

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Kansas is located in the central part of the United States. The state shares borders with five other states and two countries, including Colorado, Missouri, Oklahoma, Nebraska, New Mexico, Texas and Wyoming. Reference: kansas map google.

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