What Are Kansas City’s Colors?

The colors of Kansas City are blue and white. The city’s official colors were adopted in 1881.

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The Official City colors

The official City colors are blue, gold and white.

The Unofficial City colors

The Unofficial City colors are black and gold.

The people’s choice – a survey

In a survey of Kansas City residents, the following colors were chosen as the city’s colors:

-Blue: 27%
-Red: 19%
-Green: 16%
-Yellow: 14%
-Purple: 11%
-Orange: 3%

How the colors are used in Kansas City

Color plays an important role in the visual identity of any place, and Kansas City is no exception. The city’s official colors are blue and gold, which are prominently featured on the flag and seal. Blue and white are also used extensively throughout the city, in both public and private spaces.

These colors are often seen in Kansas City’s skyline, as many of the city’s most iconic buildings are clad in blue or white glass. The Kansas City Royals, the city’s Major League Baseball team, also use blue and white as their primary colors.

While blue and gold are the official colors of Kansas City, they are not used exclusively. The city’s website features a color palette that includes a wide range of hues, from a bright orange to a deep purple. This palette is meant to reflect the diversity of Kansas City and its residents.

What the colors represent

In 1857, Kansas City was established as a municipality by the state of Missouri with a Board of Aldermen form of government. In 1889, the city adopted a new charter and became a city of the first class with a mayor-council government. The colors of the City of Kansas City’s flag represent important aspects of the city’s history and civic pride.

The flag has three horizontal bands of equal width, with the top and bottom bands having blue backgrounds and the middle band white. The blue color on the top and bottom bands represents Missouri, while the white middle band represents Kansas. The seeping circle in the center of the flag contains two red hearts, which represent Kansas City’s sister cities: Wyandotte, Kansas, and Independence, Missouri. Finally, there are 24 white stars arranged in four rows within the circle; these stars represent Kansas City’s position as the 24th largest city in the United States.

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