What Channel is the Kansas City Game on Today?

Wondering what channel the Chiefs game is on today? Check out this quick guide to find out!

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The Kansas City game is shown on a variety of channels throughout the country, depending on your location. In some areas, the game is shown on CBS, while in others it may be shown on Fox. You can check your local listings to see what channel the game will be broadcasted on in your area.

The Different Channels that Show the Game

There are a few different channels that showcase the Kansas City game today. These channels are as follows: ABC, NBC, ESPN, and Fox. Each channel has their own specific broadcast time for the game.

Why the Game is on a Different Channel Every Week

One of the most frequently asked questions by Kansas City Chiefs fans is “What channel is the game on today?”

The answer isn’t always straight forward because the game will be on a different channel each week, depending on a number of factors. The two most common reasons for this are because the game is being aired on either a national or a regional television network.

National television networks like NBC, CBS, FOX, and ESPN have the rights to air certain games each week. These games are generally considered to be the most important or interesting match-ups of the week and will often feature teams with large fanbases or who are in the middle of a playoff race.

The Chiefs are often featured on national television because they are one of the best teams in the NFL and have one of the largest fanbases in the country. In addition, Arrowhead Stadium is considered to be one of the loudest and most intimidating stadiums in the league, which makes it an attractive destination for broadcasters looking to show off their product.

Although they don’t air as many games as national networks, regional sports networks like DirecTV’s Red Zone Channel, NBC Sports Network, and FOX Sports 1 also have rights to broadcast NFL games. These channels are only available in certain areas of the country, so if you live outside of Kansas City you probably won’t be able to watch these games unless you have a satellite or cable package that includes them.

The best way to make sure that you know what channel the Chiefs game will be on each week is to check your local listings or visit www.nfl.com/tv-listings for more information.

How to Find Out What Channel the Game is on

You can find out what channel the game is on several ways:

-Check your local listings. If you have a cable or satellite TV service, you can usually find the channel number in the TV guide.
-Look for a live stream. Several websites and apps offer live streams of NFL games. You’ll need to sign in with your TV provider to watch, but these are often free with a subscription.
-Check the NFL website. The league website usually has up-to-date information on what channel games are on.


The game will be broadcast on your local CBS station.

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