What Conference Is Kansas State Going to?

The short answer is that we don’t know yet. The conference realignment process is still ongoing, and as of right now, Kansas State is without a conference.

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While there is much speculation, as of now, it is unknown which conference Kansas State will be joining.

As of late 2010, the Big 12 conference has been embroiled in controversy and instability. With the departures of Nebraska and Colorado, as well as the announced departure of Texas A&M and Missouri, the conference has been left in a state of flux. In order to maintain its position as one of the premier conferences in college football, the Big 12 has been actively recruiting new members. Among the schools that have been mentioned as potential candidates for membership are BYU, TCU, Louisville, West Virginia, and Pittsburgh.

As of right now, it is unclear which conference Kansas State will ultimately end up in. However, it is certain that whatever decision is made will have a major impact on the future of college football.


As the nation’s first land-grant university, Kansas State University has long been a leader in agriculture and veterinary medicine. But in recent years, the university has become known for its research in a wider range of areas, from plant science and cancer to biodefense and nanotechnology. The university’s contributions to cutting-edge research were recognized in 2008 when it was named one of the nation’s top research universities by the Carnegie Foundation.

The Conference

Kansas State is a member of the Big 12 Conference, a conference of universities located in the central United States. The conference was founded in 1896 and currently consists of ten schools, with Kansas State being one of the founding members.

Why Kansas State?

Kansas State University is a public land-grant research university with its main campus in Manhattan, Kansas, United States. It was founded in 1863 and is the second oldest public university in the state of Kansas. The university has five campuses statewide: Manhattan, Salina, Olathe, Global, and Polytechnic Campus. The university offers more than 200 undergraduate majors and 100 graduate degrees.

wondered why you might want to attend Kansas State University? Here are 10 good reasons:
1. Research opportunities – K-State is a research powerhouse, conducting more than $200 million in research annually.
2. Hands-on learning – K-State offers more than 400 hands-on learning experiences, such as internships, co-ops and undergraduate research opportunities.
3. A degree from a renowned institution – K-State is a Tier 1 research university, according to the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education.
4. A degree that will pay off – K-State graduates have some of the lowest student debt levels in the nation and earn salaries that are well above average for their education level.
5. An affordable education – K-State is one of the most affordable universities in the nation, with tuition and fees that are lower than the national average.
6. A beautiful campus – K-State’s 1,500-acre campus is one of the nation’s largest and most beautiful college campuses.
7. A supportive community – K-State is known for its supportive and friendly community atmosphere, with students who look out for each other and care about each other’s success.
8. A wealth of resources – As a land-grant university, K-State has a wealth of resources to offer its students, including world-class facilities and world renowned faculty members.
9. A commitment to diversity – K-State is committed to developing a diverse and inclusive community where everyone can feel welcome and respected.
10. A global perspective – With students from more than 100 countries enrolled at K-State, you’ll have ample opportunity to learn about other cultures and perspectives while also sharing your own culture with others

What to Expect

There are many things that go into determining which conference a team will play in. Some of the things that are taken into account are the team’s win/loss record, their strength of schedule, and how they have done in recent years. Kansas State is currently in the Big 12 Conference, but there has been talk of them moving to the SEC Conference.

If Kansas State were to move to the SEC Conference, they would likely see an increase in their level of competition. The SEC is widely considered to be the best conference in college football, and they would need to step their game up in order to compete. Additionally, Kansas State would also see a change in their geographical footprint, as they would now be playing against teams from all over the Southeast.

How to Prepare

With the season coming to an end, it’s time to start preparing for the conference tournament. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you start making your plans.

The first step is to decide which conference you want to attend. There are a few different options, each with their own benefits. The most important thing is to pick one that’s right for you and your team.

Once you’ve chosen a conference, it’s time to start preparing your team. Make sure you have all the necessary equipment and clothing. If you’re traveling, be sure to pack everything you need so you don’t have to buy anything when you get there.

It’s also important to familiarize yourself with the rules of the conference. This way, you’ll know what to expect and won’t be caught off-guard by anything. Read up on the conference’s website or talk to someone who’s familiar with it.

Finally, don’t forget to have fun! Conference tournaments can be a great way to bond with your teammates and meet new people from all over the country. Enjoy yourself and make some memories that will last a lifetime.

The Schedule

The schedule has not been released yet

The Location

The conference is going to be in Kansas State.

The Cost

The cost of attending a conference can be significant, and often requires businesses or individuals to take out loans to cover the associated expenses. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, the average cost of attending a conference is $2,000 per person. This includes the cost of travel, lodging, and registration fees.

For businesses, the cost of attending a conference can be even higher. In addition to the costs associated with individual attendees, businesses must also cover the cost of exhibiting at the conference. The price of exhibiting at a conference can vary significantly, depending on the size and location of the event.

Although attending a conference can be expensive, it can also be a worthwhile investment. Conference attendees have the opportunity to network with other professionals in their field, learn about new technologies and trends, and gain exposure for their business.


In conclusion, Kansas State is going to the conference that best meets its needs. The conference thatKansas State chooses will have a big impact on the school’s athletics and academics. Kansas State will make the best decision for the university as a whole.

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