What is Schedule S in Kansas?

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Schedule S is a revision to the Kansas Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP). It was enacted in January 2009 in order to bring the state into compliance with new federal regulations concerning the allocation of Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) funds. Schedule S sets forth a process by which the Kansas Department of Transportation will identify and prioritize safety projects on the state highway system.

What is Schedule S?

Schedule S is a special designation for certain types of severe mental illness in the state of Kansas. The designation allows for involuntary commitment of people with mental illness who pose a danger to themselves or others.

What is included in Schedule S?

Schedule S is a form that is filed with the Kansas Department of Revenue in order to report gambling winnings. This form is used by both residents and nonresidents of Kansas. If you are a resident of Kansas, you will use Schedule S to report your gambling winnings from all sources, both inside and outside the state. If you are not a resident of Kansas, you will only use Schedule S to report your gambling winnings from gambling activities that took place inside the state.

How is Schedule S different from other Kansas schedules?

Schedule S is a schedule of benefits available to certain qualified low-income households in Kansas.

Households that meet the following criteria may be eligible for Schedule S benefits:
-Have an annual income at or below 200% of the federal poverty level
-Have at least one member who is a U.S. citizen or qualified alien
-Do not have resources (such as cash or land) exceeding $5,000 for a family of one, $7,500 for a family of two, $10,000 for a family of three, etc.

If you are eligible for Schedule S benefits, you may receive assistance with paying for certain basic needs such as food, shelter, and utility bills.

How to file Schedule S

Schedule S is a tax form for self-employment in Kansas. This form is used to report your business income and expenses. The purpose of Schedule S is to calculate your self-employment tax liability. When you file your taxes, you will need to include Schedule S with your return.

When is Schedule S due?

Schedule S is due on the same date as your income tax return. If you file a Kansas extension, your Schedule S is due on the original due date of your return.

How do I file Schedule S?

If you were an S corporation or partnership conducting business in Kansas, you will file Schedule S with your Kansas tax return. If you were a disregarded entity, LLC, or LLP, and conducted business in Kansas as a pass-through entity from another state, you need to file a Kansas return and attach Schedule S.

To file Schedule S:

1. Go to the Kansas Department of Revenue website.
2. Click on the Business Tax Tab.
3. Scroll down to the Pass-Through Entity Returns section and click on the appropriate Schedules for your return type.
4. Follow the instructions for each schedule.

What happens if I don’t file Schedule S?

If you don’t file Schedule S, you won’t receive a state tax refund, even if you’re entitled to one. In addition, the Kansas Department of Revenue may impose penalties and interest on the unpaid amount.


The Schedule S designation is a tax classification for certain types of Kansas property. The property must be devoted to farming or ranching operations, and the owner must use it for personal use. The designated property must also be located within the state of Kansas.

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