What is the Abbreviation of Kansas?

The Abbreviation of Kansas is KS.

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The Abbreviation of Kansas

The Abbreviation of Kansas is “KS”.

The official abbreviation of Kansas is KS

The official abbreviation of Kansas is KS. The state is located in the Midwestern region of the United States and its capital city is Topeka.

The most common abbreviation of Kansas is Kan

Kansas is a state located in the Midwestern United States. Kansas is the 15th largest state by area and is the 34th most populous of the 50 states with a population of 2,913,314. Kansas is bordered by Nebraska on the north, Missouri on the east, Oklahoma on the south, and Colorado on the west. The state capital of Kansas is Topeka, and its largest city is Wichita with a population of 386,552.

Other Abbreviations of Kansas

The most common abbreviation for Kansas is “KS.” Other abbreviations for Kansas include “Kan,” “Kans,” and “Ks.”

KA – Kansas Association

The Kansas Association is an abbreviation often used to refer to the state of Kansas.

K-State – Kansas State University

In addition to K-State, other commonly used abbreviations for Kansas include KS (for the state), KU (for the University of Kansas), and Wichita State University (WSU).

KU – University of Kansas

The University of Kansas, also referred to as KU, is a public research university with its main campus in Lawrence, Kansas, and several satellite campuses, research and educational centers, medical centers, and classes across the state of Kansas. The university was founded in 1865 and is one of the jobs engines for the state of Kansas.

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