What Is the Kansas Turnpike?

Similarly, How does Kansas Turnpike work?

The Kansas Turnpike collects tolls in two ways: when and how. At the Kansas Turnpike’s exit, tolls are collected. In order to pay or use a K-TAG or equivalent transponder, drivers must stop. Without a valid pass, drivers that utilize a gateless electronic lane will be charged the violation rate.

Also, it is asked, How do I pay the toll on the Kansas Turnpike?

Cash or credit cards are accepted at the toll booth for payment of the cash toll rate. Those who depart at 53A may pay the cash rate by paying at www.paykta.com within 10 days of their travel. Travelers who use K-TAG or another transponder that is compatible pay an electronic charge.

Secondly, Is E-ZPass accepted in Kansas?

There is nothing preventing E-ZPass holders who need to go to Kansas from doing so. The Kansas-based K-Tag Pass toll collecting system is compatible with the E-ZPass.

Also, What toll pass does Kansas use?

K-Tag is the name of the toll pass that Kansas issues. K-Tag users are permitted to utilize all-electronic toll roads and K-Tag toll lanes. A toll pass that is compatible with the K-Tag may also be used on toll highways in Kansas by motorists.

People also ask, Do you need cash for Kansas Turnpike?

You may utilize the “K-TAG only” lanes and pay a lower electronic toll charge if you have a compatible transponder. Please utilize a lane designated “ticket / cash” on entering and “cash/self-pay” on departure if you do not have a transponder that is compatible. Cash and cards are accepted at our plazas.

Related Questions and Answers

Is the Kansas Turnpike cashless?

Tolling without cash in 2024 Toll-collection devices will be positioned above the Kansas Turnpike’s mainline to accept payments through a K-TAG (or other similar device) or a license plate. Drivers who use their license plate will get a bill in the mail and may pay it online.

What happens if you drive through a toll without paying in Kansas?

The fee becomes a video rate toll with a mailed statement if a consumer does not pay the cash rate within 10 days of the journey. The fare increases in price if it has been unpaid for more than 28 days.

How long is the Kansas Turnpike?

236 mi Turnpike in Kansas / Length

Does Texas toll tag work in Kansas?

The Kansas Turnpike now accepts Texas toll transponders as payment. Texas toll roads now accept the Kansas-issued K-TAG. In order to authorize the use of Texas toll transponders on Kansas toll roads, Texas tolling agencies have finally reached an agreement with the Kansas Turnpike Authority.

How much is a Kansas toll violation?

rates of Kansas tolls 2-axle cars must pay a toll of $15 in cash or $11.15 with a K-Tag to pass between the southern and eastern entrances. For 2-axle trucks utilizing this portion of the turnpike, the violation toll is $19.88.

Is I 70 in Kansas a toll road?

I-70 becomes a toll road as it crosses the Kansas Turnpike for the second time. The other tolled segment of I-70 is located along the Pennsylvania Turnpike; as of 2018, the maximum toll distance was $3.50. This designation is used for I-70 between Topeka and Bonner Springs.

How do toll roads charge?

Many toll roads now provide booth-free tolling, which records your license plates and mails you a bill. Alternatively, if you anticipate using toll roads often, you may purchase a transponder. E-ZPass, which is utilized in 15 states, is the most widely used tolling system. Local transponders are also available.

How long does it take to get a K-TAG?

Orders placed with K-TAG are handled in 3-5 business days.

Which toll pass covers the most states?

Drivers in 19 states, including Florida, may use the portable Uni toll pass to automatically pay tolls on all toll highways, including the fast lanes in Florida. It is simple to move Uni from vehicle to vehicle, even motorbikes and rental automobiles, since it suction cups to the inside of the windshield of a car.

Does Oklahoma accept E-ZPass?

Unfortunately, E-Z Pass is not accepted in Oklahoma. It is incompatible with any Oklahoma state passes that are recognized. Cash is required to cross through Oklahoma, or you may sign up for a toll pass that is recognized there.

How do I pay a toll in Oklahoma?

You may choose any of the choices listed below. on the internet at pikepass.com. Contact us at 1-800-PIKEPASS toll-free (1-800-745-3727) Monday through Friday, 8:00AM– 4:30PM CST, except state holidays. At any PIKEPASS Store in person. OKC’s Tourism Information Center Pay with a money order or cheque.

How do I avoid toll roads in Kansas?

By taking I-80 through the rain to York, Nebraska, and then taking US-81 south, you might nearly entirely avoid toll highways. North of Salina all the way to Wichita, US-81 becomes I-135. I believe the whole road is four lanes. Only the first 50 miles of I-35 need toll payment (I-135 terminates in Wichita).

What does K-TAG stand for?

KTAGAcronymDefinition Center for Team and Group Research at Kellogg (Northwestern University; Illinois) Geocachers in the Kentucky, Tennessee, Area (treasure hunting organization)

Is the Kansas Turnpike clear?

I-70 MM 221.4 WB West of Bonner Springs KTA Alert All lanes are open.

When was the KS turnpike built?

Halloween 1956 Construction of the Kansas Turnpike

How old is the Kansas Turnpike?

7,197 automobiles rolled into Kansas’ first toll road on opening day, October.

Does Kansas Turnpike accept Texas toll tag?

All Texas toll highways now accept the K-TAG from the Kansas Turnpike Authority. In its electronic lanes, KTA also takes all Texas toll transponders. Customers who travel in Kansas, Oklahoma, or Texas with more than one transponder are urged to remove all except that one in order to avoid double billing.

Can I use my TxTag on the Kansas Turnpike?

Will the TollTag function on toll highways operated by the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority (OTA – PIKEPASS) and the Kansas Turnpike Authority (KTA – K-TAG)? On all KTA and OTA toll roads, the sticker form of the NTTA TollTag will be accepted as payment.

What happens when you go through a K-TAG without a K-TAG?

You will be required to pay 1.5 times the cash toll (approximately $20) for the full Kansas Turnpike if you use the electronic lanes without a qualifying tag. Travelers do not need to worry about missing a toll on lanes that accept cash payments since they can only cross the toll road after paying up.

Does E-ZPass work in Texas?

E-ZPass does not function in Texas, although the other four automated toll systems—National Pass, Tx Tag, Tolltag, and E-ZTag—all function flawlessly.

Why is I 35 in Kansas a toll road?

Celebrate 50 Years of Interstates with KDOT. The 236-mile toll road was constructed in a record-breaking 22 months in 1955–1956. To address the demand for a modern roadway without raising taxes on Kansas citizens, it was constructed as a toll facility.

What city is on the border of Kansas and Colorado?

A little community called Granada may be found in southeast Colorado, about 12 miles west of the Kansas state line. Numerous farming operations and the Camp Amache National Historic Landmark are located in the peaceful rural region.

Why are there gates on I-70 in Kansas?

Driving in a snowstorm is dangerous. This simple aluminum barrier decreased that danger by abruptly halting vehicles. These gates have been put in place at on-ramps along Interstate 70 (I-70) in western Kansas by the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) over the last twenty years.

Which state has the most toll roads?

Texas has the most toll highways of any state with 66, whereas just one each are found in Ohio, Kansas, Maine, Florida, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Alaska, Iowa, and Missouri. Of all the states having toll roads, Illinois has the sixth-highest miles of toll roads.


The Kansas Turnpike is a highway in the state of Kansas. The turnpike connects Topeka to Salina and it also provides access to Interstate 35. There are toll booths along the entire length of the route. The Kansas Turnpike was constructed in 1951, making it one of the oldest highways in Kansas.

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