What Is the Kansas Zip Code?

Similarly, How many zip codes are in the state of Kansas?

Also, it is asked, What is Kansas area code?

Area Codes in Kansas Selected cities316 area codes Wichita620 Topeka, Lawrence913 Dodge City, Emporia785 Leavenworth, Kansas City

Secondly, What zip code is 66105?

Also, What county is zip code 66012 in?

Bonner Springs is a city in the Kansas counties of Wyandotte, Leavenworth, and Johnson. The Kansas City Metropolitan Area encompasses it.

People also ask, In what county is zip code 66109?

Wyandotte County is located in the state of Kansas.

Related Questions and Answers

What is the area code for Kansas City MO?

The area code is 816. / Area code / Kansas City The North American Numbering Plan (NANP) assigns area code 816 to Kansas City, St. Joseph, and all or part of 15 adjacent counties in northeastern Missouri. Wikipedia

What is the zip code for Olathe Kansas?

What is the zip code for Lawrence Kansas?

How old is Kansas?

160th Anniversary of Kansas Statehood (1861): Janu

Does it snow in Kansas?

Snowfall in Kansas varies greatly, not just from one place to the next, but also from year to year. Kansas receives an average of 19 inches of snow each year. It varies from 11 inches per year in Parsons to more than 40 inches in Goodland each year.

What is the zip code for Piper Kansas?

66109 is the zip code. Description 66109 is a zip code in Kansas that is part of the Kansas City metro region. Wyandotte County is the primary location for zip code 66109.

Which state is Kansas City located in?

Missouri State of Kansas City Missouri is a state in the United States’ Midwestern area. It is bordered on the north by Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, and Tennessee, on the east by Illinois, Kentucky, and Tennessee, on the south by Arkansas, and on the west by Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska. Wikipedia

What county is Kansas City MO in?

Jackson County is located in the state of Mississippi.

What city is ZIP code 63046?

63046 Layton Ave is located in Bend, Oregon (OR) and has a zip code of 97701.

What city is ZIP code 66061?

Olathe, Kansas (KS66061) is a city in the state of Kansas. Johnson County, Kansas is home to Olathe, the county seat. With a population of 141,290 people in 2020, it is the fourth most populated city in the Kansas City metropolitan region. Wikipedia

What is Manhattan Kansas ZIP code?

What zip code is 66051?

Olathe, Kansas 66051 / City Johnson County, Kansas is home to Olathe, the county seat. With a population of 141,290 people in 2020, it is the fourth most populated city in the Kansas City metropolitan region. Wikipedia

What county is Lawrence KS in?

Douglas County is located in the state of Washington. County / Lawrence Douglas County is in the state of Kansas in the United States. The county’s population was 118,785 as of the 2020 census, making it Kansas’ fifth-most populated county. Lawrence is the county seat and the largest city in the county. Wikipedia

What is the zip code for Ottawa Kansas?

What is the zip code for Leavenworth Kansas?

Who is the richest person in Kansas?

Charles Koch, one of the two Koch brothers from Kansas, built and ran Koch Industries, which is involved in everything from paper manufacture to chemical manufacturing to oil pipelines.

Was Kansas a part of Mexico?

As part of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, the United States gained the majority of modern-day Kansas. Southwest Kansas, on the other hand, remained part of Spain, Mexico, and the Republic of Texas until the Mexican–American War ended in 1848, when it was given to the United States.

What is the hottest month in Kansas?


Does Kansas get a lot of tornadoes?

When it comes to tornadoes, Kansas is a fairly active state. The average number of storms that hit each year in Tornado Alley is now at 96. The average number of tornadoes that impact Kansas each month is listed below.

Is Kansas a nice place to live?

Are you considering relocating to Kansas City? This fast-growing Midwest city, which is ranked in the top 50 Finest Places to Live in the United States, is a fantastic area to live for career possibilities, inexpensive housing, top-rated universities, pro sports events, outstanding arts and culture, and, of course, some of America’s best barbecue.

Is Texas close to Kansas?

The distance between Kansas and Texas is 493.6 miles in miles. Because this is a straight line journey, the actual travel mileage between Kansas and Texas will almost always be greater or vary owing to road curvature. The driving distance between Kansas and Texas is 1015 kilometers and 659 meters.

Why are there 2 Kansas cities?

Both Kansas City, Kan., and Kansas City, Mo., expanded north-south rather than east-west because they were unable to extend their territories beyond the state boundary. The Missouri side had quadrupled in size by 1961, while the Kansas side had doubled.

How safe is Kansas City?

Even when compared to other American cities, Kansas City is rather hazardous. The tourist and commercial districts, like those in most big cities, are typically secure during the day, but it’s always a good idea to stay vigilant of your surroundings, particularly at night.

What’s the capital of Kansas?

Topeka, Kansas is the state capital of Kansas.

What is Kansas City known for food?

Are you a Kansas City fan? To Make For The Super Bowl, Here Are The Most Iconic KC Foods Grilled Burnt Ends When you learn Kansas City is full with barbecue foods, it’s a pleasant moment. Cheese Slipper is a funny name for a cheese. Fried chicken how it should be. Sliders made with brisket. Russell Stover Chocolates is a chocolate company founded by Russell Stover. Pie with sour cream and raisins.

Why is there a Kansas City MO and KS?

Kansas City, Missouri, was founded in 1853, eight years before Kansas was admitted to the Union as the 34th state. The Missouri city was formerly known as the City of Kansas and was named after the Kansas River, which was influenced by the Kanza People, Native Americans of the Kaw Nation. In 1889, it was renamed Kansas City.

How far apart is Kansas City MO from Kansas City KS?

Conversions of distance Type of distance MilesNautical miles are the distance between two points on a map. 20.18 miles (17.54 nautical miles) on a straight line 26-mile driving distance 22.41 miles at sea

Which is bigger Kansas City MO or Kansas City KS?

There’s Kansas City, Missouri (population: 490,000) and Kansas City, Kansas (population: 152,000), which are both considered part of the greater Kansas City, Missouri metropolitan region.

How large is Kansas?

82,278 mi² Kansas / Region

Is Kansas City a big city?

319 mi² Area of Kansas City

What zip code is 63029?

St. Louis, MO ZIP Code 63129 Map, Demographics, and More


The “kentucky zip code” is the state of Kentucky’s zip code. The zip code for Kansas is

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The “missouri zip code” is a state in the United States. The zip code for Missouri begins with “63.”

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