What is There to Do in Wichita, Kansas?

Wondering what is there to do in Wichita, Kansas? Check out this blog post for a list of fun activities to do in the city!

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Wichita Attractions

Wichita, Kansas is the largest city in the state and offers a variety of things to do for residents and visitors. The city is known for its art and culture, and features several museums and theaters. Wichita also has a variety of parks and recreation areas, as well as a variety of shopping and dining options.

Botanica Wichita

With 26 unique gardens, miles of winding trails and Hundreds of different types of plants, flowers and trees, Botanica Wichita is one of the best places to go in Wichita for a nature fix. There are also a number of annual events such as the Tulip Festival, the Sunflower Festival and Santa’s Secret Garden.

Kansas Aviation Museum

Located in the original hangar of Wichita’s first airport, the Kansas Aviation Museum is an interesting place to spend an afternoon. The museum chronicles the history of aviation in Kansas with a focus on the pioneers who made Wichita the “Air Capital of the World.”

The museum’s collection includes more than 30 historic aircraft, including a replica of the Wright brothers’ flyer, as well as engines, instruments, uniforms and other memorabilia. The highlight of the museum is undoubtedly the Douglas DC-3 “Flagship Detroit,” which was used by American Airlines from 1936 to 1947. The plane has been restored to its original livery and is on display in the hangar.

Guided tours are available, or you can explore the museum at your own pace. There is also a small café on site if you need a break. The Kansas Aviation Museum is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and admission is just $5 for adults and $3 for children ages 6-12.

Sedgwick County Zoo

Sedgwick County Zoo is one of the premier zoos in the country. With over 3,000 animals representing more than 500 species, the zoo is a great place to learn about and see a variety of animals. The zoo also has a number of educational programs, as well as a variety of events throughout the year.

Wichita Restaurants

If you’re looking for a great place to eat in Wichita, Kansas, you have plenty of options. You can find everything from barbecue to Mexican food, and you’re sure to find a restaurant that suits your taste. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best Wichita restaurants.

Fetch Bistro

Wichita is the largest city in the U.S. state of Kansas and the county seat of Sedgwick County. As of 2019, the estimated population of the city was 389,965. Wichita is the principal city of the Wichita metropolitan area, which had an estimated population of 644,610 in 2018.

Wichita was incorporated as a city on July 21, 1870, on the Chisholm Trail and was named after the Wichita tribe, who inhabited the area. The city joined Robertson’s Land Run of August 22, 1892 and became a significant livestock market and meatpacking center due largely to its central location in one of the nation’s richest agricultural regions. A combination of factors including increasing competition from newer Midwestern metropolises like Chicago, Omaha and St. Louis led to a decline in Wichita’s prominence as a livestock market by 1890. Meatpacking continued to be a major sector until scandal hit the industry in 1919 which left Wichita devoid of major packing plants. The city then became known as “the air capital of the world” due to intense aeronautical manufacturing activity during WWII when dozens or more aircraft plants operated in the area simultaneously turning out military aircraft such as Boeing B-29 Superfortresses and Douglas C-47 Skytrains at peak production levels that were unprecedented anywhere else in US history. Students from aviation schools all over America came to Wichita for training during this period which resulted in an influx or residents and helped to swell Wichita’s population past 200,000 people for the first time ever by 1950 which made it Kansas’ largest city. After WWII ended Wichita turned its attention back to agriculture related manufacturing with new plants such as John Deere opening up shop along with a renewed interest from older companies like Cessna Aircraft which had actually gotten its start in Wichita back in 1927 making “The TravelAir” series of light planes that were used extensively during America’s barnstorming era prior to WWII breaking out..

Pizzeria Locale

Pizzeria Locale is a favorite local spot for pizza lovers in Wichita, Kansas. The restaurant is known for its wood-fired pizzas, which are made with fresh ingredients and plenty of flavor. If you’re looking for a delicious pizza to share with friends or family, Pizzeria Locale should be your go-to spot.

The Donut Whole

The Donut Whole is a fun and eclectic Wichita restaurant that offers delicious donuts, coffee, and more. The restaurant has a fun and funky atmosphere, and the staff is always happy to help you find the perfect treat. The Donut Whole is also a great place to grab a bite to eat before heading out for the night.

Wichita Events

Wichita, Kansas is a great place to visit for a number of reasons. There are a ton of great places to eat, interesting things to see, and fun Wichita events to attend. Check out this list of some of the best Wichita events happening this year.

Wichita Riverfest

Wichita Riverfest is an annual nine-day festival in Wichita, Kansas, United States, held on the Arkansas River in downtown Wichita. It is the largest outdoor festival in Kansas and one of the largest in the Midwest, with an estimated 400,000 people attending each year.

The festival features over 100 events and attractions, including live music on three stages, food from more than 30 Wichita restaurants, carnival rides and games, riverboat cruises, sports tournaments, car shows, a children’s play area, and fireworks. Wichita Riverfest is always held the last full week of May.

Tallgrass Film Festival

The Tallgrass Film Festival is an annual event that takes place in Wichita, Kansas. The festival began in 2001 and has become one of the most popular events in the city. The Tallgrass Film Festival showcases independent films from all over the world. The festival also offers workshops, panel discussions, and special events.

Wichita Art Fair

The Wichita Art Fair is one of the largest and most popular art fairs in the Midwest. This free event features more than 200 artists from around the country selling their wares, as well as live music, food vendors, and a kids’ zone. It takes place annually in downtown Wichita on the first weekend in May.

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