What Native American Tribes Are Native to Kansas?

Although Kansas is commonly thought of as a Midwestern state, it is home to several different Native American tribes. These tribes include the Kickapoo, Osage, and Wichita.

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The Wichita Tribe

The Wichita Tribe is a federally recognized Native American tribe based in Anadarko, Oklahoma. They originated in Kansas and Oklahoma and their ancestors also lived in Nebraska, Colorado, and Texas. The tribe consists of around 3,300 members. The Wichita people are Engaged in many business ventures including farming, oil and gas production, manufacturing, and tourism.

The Kaw Tribe

The Kaw Nation (or Kanza people) is a federally recognized Native American tribe in Oklahoma. They come from the central Midwestern United States. The tribe belongs to the Central Plains Tradition. Its people are also known as the Kansa, Kaw, and Kanza. The name “Kaw” comes from the Kansa tribe, who once lived in the area now known as Kansas. The Kaw Tribe’s oral history says that they were created on the banks of the Missouri River in present-day Minnesota.

The Osage Tribe

The Osage Tribe is a federally recognized Native American tribe from Oklahoma. The Osage Nation originally consisted of two confederate tribes, the Northern Osage and the Southern Osage, which were divided into two moieties, Wolf and Elk. In 1872, after the discovery of oil on their reservation, the Osage Tribe was forced to move to Indian Territory in Oklahoma.

The Osage Tribe is headquartered in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, and their tribal jurisdictional area covers parts of seven counties in Oklahoma. The Osage Tribe has more than 19,000 enrolled members, with 6,000 of those members living in the tribal jurisdictional area. The tribe operates its own housing authority and issues its own vehicle tags. They also operate their own school system, which includes a high school and a vocational-technical school.

The Pawnee Tribe

The Pawnee Tribe is a Native American tribe that is native to Kansas. They are one of the many tribes that make up the Plains Indians. The Pawnee Tribe lived in villages along the Platte River in Nebraska. The Pawnee people were farmers and hunters. They grew corn, beans, and squash. The Pawnee also hunted bison.

The Missouri Tribe

The Missouri Tribe is a federally recognized Native American tribe with a reservation located in Kansas. The tribe has a long history in the state, with ancestors who lived in the area for thousands of years. Today, the Missouri Tribe is committed to preserving their culture and traditions, and to providing opportunities for members of the community to thrive.

The Kansa Tribe

The Kansa tribe is one of the many native American tribes that are native to the state of Kansas. The Kansa tribe has a long and rich history, and they are one of the most well-known tribes in the United States. The Kansa tribe lived in what is now known as Kansas for centuries, and they were one of the first tribes to make contact with Europeans when they arrived in North America. The Kansa tribe is a member of the Siouan language family, and their name means “people of the south wind.” The Kansa tribe is also known as the Kaw Tribe, and they are one of the federally recognized tribes in the United States.

The Otoe-Missouria Tribe

The Otoe-Missouria Tribe is a federally recognized Native American tribe with more than 3,500 enrolled members. The Otoe-Missouria Tribe is headquartered in Red Rock, Oklahoma, and their tribal jurisdictional area covers parts of Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma. The Otoe-Missouria Tribe is recognized as a sovereign nation by the United States government and has its own written constitution and laws.

The Ponca Tribe

Kansas is home to several Native American tribes, including the federally recognized Ponca Tribe. The Ponca Tribe is originally from Nebraska and Iowa, but they were forcibly relocated to Indian Territory (present-day Oklahoma) in the 1870s. In 1966, the Ponca Tribe was re-established in their ancestral homeland of Nebraska. The Ponca Tribe has a reservation in northeastern Nebraska and their tribal headquarters is in Norfolk, Nebraska. There are also smaller groups of Ponca people living in Kansas and Oklahoma.

The name “Ponca” comes from a Sioux word meaning “people of the south wind.” The Ponca tribe is closely related to the Omaha tribe and they share many cultural similarities. The Omaha and Ponca were once a single tribe, but they separated into two tribes sometime before 1700.

The Ponca tribe is best known for their ceremonies and spiritual practices, which include the use of the sacred pipes and sweat lodges. The tribe also has a rich tradition of storytelling and music. The Ponca tribe has its own language, which is part of the Siouan language family.

The estimated population of the Ponca Tribe is 5,000 people, with about 2,000 members living on the reservation in Nebraska.

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