What States Are Close to Kansas?

Similarly, Which states does Kansas touch?

Kansas is bordered by four states in the modern era: Oklahoma, Missouri, Nebraska, and Colorado. 04.03.2019

But then this question also arises, Which city is nearest to Kansas?

Omaha, Nebraska is 164 miles away. – Wichita, Kansas is 175 miles away. – Tulsa, Oklahoma is 217 miles away. – Saint Louis, Missouri is 240 miles away. – Oklahoma City, OK is 296 miles away. – Memphis, TN is 368 miles away. – Madison, Wisconsin is 392 miles away. – Minneapolis, Minnesota is 412 miles away.

Is Colorado next to Kansas?

Colorado is bordered by seven states: Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Wyoming (the other three “Four Corners” states), and Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Wyoming. 30.10.2021

What is the capital of Kansas?


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What are people from Kansas called?

Kansans and Jayhawkers are the names given to residents of Kansas. 16.04.2019

Why is Kansas City split?

These fights, later known as Bleeding Kansas or the Border Wars, revealed a significant cultural divide between Missouri and Kansas. Kansas City, Kan., was built after the war, resulting in a divided metropolitan region. 10.09.2014

What states border your state?

Bordering States State Name New York is a city in the United States. Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island (water border), and Vermont are the states that make up the New England region. North Carolina is a state in the United States. Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia are all states in the United States. North Dakota is a state in North America. Minnesota, Montana, and South Dakota are all states in the Midwest. Ohio Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia are all states in the United States.

What US state touches the most states?

48th in a series. State on the outskirts Pennsylvania, Virginia, Kentucky, Maryland, and Ohio are all states in the United States. The number of states on the border with each other is five.

What cities are an hour away from Kansas City?

Saint Joseph, Missouri is 56 minutes away. – Atchison, Kansas (56 minutes). Adrian, MO is 55 minutes away. Elwood, Kansas is 54 minutes away. Ottawa, Kansas is 54 minutes away. Lexington, Missouri is 54 minutes away. Concordia, Missouri is 54 minutes away. Perry, Kansas is 54 minutes away.

What town is in the middle of the United States?

The contiguous United States’ initial geographic center has traditionally been thought to lie approximately 2.6 miles northwest of Lebanon, Kansas. 39°50′N 98°35′W are the GPS coordinates. Soldiers pose in front of the contiguous United States’ geographic center at Lebanon, Kansas, in 1918. 08.12.2021

What were the 2 capital cities in Kansas?

Since – Kansas has been the state capital. Topeka, Kentucky, 1856; Frankfort, Louisiana, 1792 Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 1880

What is the Kansas state bird?

Westlicher Lerchenstärling (Western Lerchenstärling)

Does it snow in Kansas?

The “huge sky” of Kansas, as well as beautiful sunsets and a wide range of temperature and precipitation, are all key characteristics of the region’s identity. During the respective seasons, snow, wind, and rain are prevalent across the state, while the continental climate (on occasion) causes temperature changes.

What are 5 interesting facts about Kansas?

– The Kansa Native Americans were the inspiration for the name Kansas. – Kansas is known as “Tornado Alley” because of its high number of tornadoes. – Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz lives in Kansas. ‘Home on the Range’ is Kansas’ official state song. – Smith County is located in the heart of the United States’ 48 contiguous states.

Is Kansas a good place to live?

This fast-growing Midwest city, which is ranked in the top 50 Finest Places to Live in the United States, is a fantastic area to live for career possibilities, inexpensive housing, top-rated universities, pro sports events, outstanding arts and culture, and, of course, some of America’s best barbeque. 21.03.2022

What states have a Kansas City?

Country State Counties Incorporated is a non-profit organization based in Kansas City, Missouri.

How far is Kansas City from the Kansas border?

From Kansas City, KS to Kansas City, MO, the entire travel distance is 3 miles or 5 kilometers. The distance between Kansas City, KS and Kansas City, MO is 3 miles in a straight line. This corresponds to a distance of 5 kilometers or 2 nautical miles.

What is the only US state that only borders one other?


Which states touch no other state boundaries?

Alaska and Hawaii are the only two states in the United States that do not share a boundary with another state. Alaska is bordered on three sides by the Arctic and Pacific Oceans: north, south, and west. 10.12.2021


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Kansas is a state in the United States. Kansas City is located in the state of Missouri. Reference: kansas city.

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