What Time Do North Carolina and Kansas Play Tonight?

It’s time for some college basketball! North Carolina and Kansas will face off tonight at 9pm EST. Who will come out on top?

Checkout this video:


North Carolina and Kansas will play each other tonight in the NCAA basketball tournament. The game is set to tip off at 9:57 PM EST and will be broadcast on CBS.

North Carolina

The North Carolina Tar Heels are set to take on the Kansas Jayhawks tonight at 9pm EST. Be sure to tune in and catch all the action!


The Jayhawks are set to take on the North Carolina Tar Heels tonight at 9:00 p.m. EST.


Based on the information above, it seems that the game will start at around 9:00 PM EST. This is subject to change, however, so be sure to check back closer to game time for a more accurate estimate. Thank you for reading!

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