What Time Do the Kansas City Games Come On?

It’s time to start planning your Kansas City game-watching party! Here’s a quick guide to when the games will be on so you can be sure to catch all the action.

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American Football

The Kansas City games come on at 10 a.m. on Sundays. This is Central Time, so if you live in a different time zone, you will need to adjust for that. The games are usually about three hours long, so they should be over by 1 p.m.

National Football League (NFL)

The National Football League (NFL) is the most popular professional American football league in the United States. It was formed in 1920 as the American Professional Football Association (APFA) before renaming itself the National Football League for the 1922 season. The NFL stretches from September to February, with each team playing 16 games and having one bye week. The Kansas City Chiefs are a professional American football team based in Kansas City, Missouri. They are members of the Western Division of the American Football Conference (AFC) in the National Football League (NFL).

American Football Conference (AFC)

The American Football Conference (AFC) is one of two conferences within the National Football League (NFL), the other being the National Football Conference (NFC). The AFC was established in 1970 after the NFL merged with the American Football League (AFL). The AFC comprises 16 teams organized into four divisions: North, South, East, and West.

The AFC has won 27 out of 52 Super Bowls. The New England Patriots have won the most Super Bowls out of any team in the AFC with six wins. The Pittsburgh Steelers have won the most conference championships out of any team in the AFC with eight.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs are a professional American football team based in Kansas City, Missouri. The Chiefs compete in the National Football League (NFL) as a member club of the league’s American Football Conference (AFC) West division.


It is Spring time and that means baseball season is here! The Kansas City Royals play their home games at Kauffman Stadium. The first home game is on April 6th against the Seattle Mariners. Game time is 1:15 pm.

Major League Baseball (MLB)

Major League Baseball (MLB) is a professional baseball organization, the oldest of the four major professional sports leagues in the United States and Canada. A total of 30 teams play in the National League (NL) and American League (AL), with 15 teams in each league. The NL and AL were formed as separate legal entities in 1876 and 1901, respectively. After cooperating but remaining legally separate entities beginning in 1903, the leagues merged into a single organization led by the Commissioner of Baseball in 2000. The organization also oversees Minor League Baseball, which comprises about 240 teams affiliated with the Major League clubs. With the World Baseball Softball Confederation, MLB manages the international World Baseball Classic tournament.

American League (AL)

The American League of Professional Baseball Clubs, or the American League (AL), is one of two leagues that make up Major League Baseball (MLB) in the United States and Canada. It developed from the Western League, a minor league based in the Great Lakes states, which eventually aspired to major league status. It is sometimes called the Junior Circuit because it claimed Major League status in 1901, 25 years after the formation of the National League (NL).

The AL originally consisted of 14 teams from 1901 through 1960. Expansion first occurred in 1961 with the addition of two teams, and then again in 1962 with the addition of a further two teams. From 1969 through 1997, four divisional alignment changes took place: 1993 saw the installation of divisions within each league (East, West, Central); 1994 saw a realignment brought about by two franchise moves; and 1998 saw divisional realignment consequent to yet another franchise move. By 2012 there were 14 AL teams—the same number as when it was founded—with changes only coming about through franchise moves (Seattle Pilots/Milwaukee Brewers in 1970; Washington Senators/Texas Rangers in 1972; Seattle Pilots/Milwaukee Brewers in 1998; Montreal Expos/Washington Nationals in 2005).

The American League has one notable difference over its rival National League: in contrast to the latter’s use of “pitchers’ batting”, whereby pitchers are not required to come to bat but may do so if they choose (and if they do so they are not replaced by a pinch hitter even if they make an out or get on base), AL pitchers must bat just like their position-player counterparts.

Kansas City Royals

The Kansas City Royals are a professional baseball team based in Kansas City, Missouri. They compete in Major League Baseball (MLB) as a member club of the American League (AL) Central division. The team was founded as an expansion franchise in 1969, and has participated in four World Series, winning in 1985 and 2015, and becoming the first winning expansion team in MLB history. Their name originates from the American Royal, a livestock show, horse show, rodeo, and championship barbeque competition held annually in Kansas City since 1899.


It is hard to know what time the game will come on if you do not have a television or if you are not from Kansas City. The game will come on at 8:00 pm EST, but that is only if the game is not being played in Kansas City. If the game is being played in Kansas City, then the game will come on at 7:00 pm CST.

National Basketball Association (NBA)

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is the premier professional basketball league in the United States and Canada. Founded in 1946, the NBA has grown to become one of the biggest sports leagues in the world, with 30 teams competing across North America.

The NBA regular season runs from October to April, with each team playing 82 games. The playoffs then take place in May and June, culminating in the NBA Finals.

The Kansas City games come on at 7:00pm.

Kansas City Kings

The Kansas City Kings were a professional basketball team that was based in Kansas City, Missouri. The team was founded in 1967 as the Kansas City-Omaha Kings, a charter member of the American Basketball Association (ABA). It moved to Omaha, Nebraska in 1969 and became the Omaha Kings. In 1972, the franchise returned to Kansas City and took on its current name. In 1975, the Kings were sold to investors led by Louisville businessman Irving Cowan.

The franchise remained in Cowan’s control until 1985, when he sold it to Sacramento businessman Gregg Lukenbill. Lukembill then relocated the franchise to Sacramento, California in 1985 and renamed it the Sacramento Kings. The franchise is currently owned by Vivek Ranadivé.

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