What Time Does Kansas City’s Clock Tower Strike?

The clock tower in Kansas City strikes at noon and 6pm everyday.

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The Clock Tower

TheClock Tower is a tower located in Kansas City, Missouri. The tower was built in 1887 and is one of the city’s most popular landmarks. The tower is located on 12th Street between Walnut and Grand. The clock tower is four stories tall and has a clock on each side of the tower. The clock tower is open to the public and visitors can take a tour of the tower.


The clock tower is located in Kauffman Stadium, home of the Kansas City Royals. The stadium is located in downtown Kansas City, Missouri.


The Clock Tower was built in 1892 and stands at 200 feet tall. The original timepiece was built by E. Howard & Co. of Boston and contained four faces, each 12 feet in diameter. The hands on the clock were 10 feet long. The tower cost $175,000 to build and was constructed of limestone, granite, and brick. The exterior of the tower is decorated with intricate carvings, including lions’ heads, gargoyles, and leaves.

The Clock Tower was designed to be an accurate timekeeper, and it kept good time for many years. In fact, the clock was so accurate that it was used as a reference point for setting other clocks in the city. Over the years, however, the clock began to lose time and eventually fell behind by several minutes. In 2006, the city decided to have the clock repaired. The job took several months to complete, but when it was finished, the Clock Tower once again became a reliable timekeeper.

Today, the Clock Tower is a popular tourist destination in Kansas City. Visitors can take an elevator to the top of the tower for a birds-eye view of the city. The Clock Tower also houses a museum that tells the story of its history and construction.

The Clock

The tower clock is a clock that is taller than it is wide, designed to be placed on top of a building. Tower clocks are a particularly common type of clock for public buildings and places of worship in Europe and America. The first tower clocks were built in the 14th century, and the first public clock was installed in England in 1386.

How it Works

The clock tower is an iconic and well-loved fixture in downtown Kansas City. The tower was built in 1888 and stands at a height of 217 feet. The clock itself is 14 feet in diameter and has a face on each side. Each face has four dials that tell the time, day, month, and year. The clock is wound daily by hand and strikes every hour on the hour.

What Time Does it Strike?

The clock tower in Kansas City, Missouri is a familiar sight to many residents and visitors. The question we hear most often is “What time does it strike?”

The answer is that the clock tower strikes every hour, on the hour. So if it’s 10:00 am, you’ll hear the clock start to strike 10 times.

The Bell

The Bell of Kansas City’s clock tower

The Sound

The Bell, located in Kansas City’s Union Station, is a 60-bell carillon that chimes and plays music at regularly scheduled times throughout the day. The beautiful peel of bells can be heard all over downtown Kansas City, and is a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

TheBell was originally installed in Union Station in 1914, and was used to signal the arrival and departure of trains. In 1999, the bell tower underwent a restoration, and the bells were re-dedicated to the people of Kansas City. Today, the bell tower is operated by a computer system that plays a variety of tunes, including classical music, pop songs, patriotic anthems, and holiday favorites.

The Weight

The weight of The Bell is 2,080 pounds (940 kg).

The Significance

The clock tower in Kansas City is a significant symbol in the city’s skyline. The tower was built in the early 1900s and stands at over 200 feet tall. The clock tower is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike. Every hour, on the hour, the clock tower rings out a melody.

A Kansas City Landmark

The most interesting thing about the J.C. Nichols Memorial Fountain in Kansas City isn’t the fountain itself, but the clock tower that looms above it. The structure was built in 1947 as a tribute to J.C. Nichols, a prominent developer in Kansas City during the early 1900s. The clock tower is an icon of the city, and its distinctive chimes can be heard all around the downtown area.

The clock tower is more than just a pretty face; it also has a practical purpose. The four faces of the clock are each illuminated by a different color of light, making it easy to tell time from any direction. The clock is also equipped with a special mechanism that strikes a bell every hour on the hour. This feature was added so that people who are working late at night or on weekends can still keep track of time.

Despite its utilitarian design, the clock tower has become one of Kansas City’s most beloved landmarks. It is featured in many paintings and photographs, and it even has its own Facebook page! If you’re ever in Kansas City, be sure to take some time to admire this beautiful piece of architecture.

A Symbol of the City

The Significance of the Clock Tower in Kansas City

The clock tower in Kansas City is a symbol of the city. It is a significant landmark that has been standing tall for over 100 years. The clock tower is located in the heart of downtown Kansas City and is visible from many parts of the city. It is one of the most recognizable landmarks in Kansas City and is a popular photo spot for visitors and locals alike.

The clock tower was built in 1914 and was originally known as the Pabst Building. It was renamed the Kansas City Power and Light Building in 1930. The building was home to the Kansas City Power and Light Company until 1987 when it was sold to a private developer. The building underwent a major renovation in 1999 and the clock tower was restored to its original beauty.

The clock tower is 14 stories tall and features four clocks on each side that are each 7 feet in diameter. The clocks are illuminated at night and can be seen from up to 10 miles away. The top of the clock tower is adorned with an American flag that waves 24 hours a day.

The clocktower strikes every hour on the hour from 6am to 10pm. On New Year’s Eve, the clock tower is lit up with red, white, and blue lights and strikes midnight to ring in the new year. The clocktower is also illuminated with green lights on St. Patrick’s Day.

The clocktower has become a beloved symbol of Kansas City and a popular spot for visitors to take photos. It is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the city and representsKansas City’s proud history

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