What Time Is It in Kansas City?

Find out the current time in Kansas City, Missouri, United States with our live clock.

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The time in Kansas City is currently 11:16 PM on Wednesday, August 12, 2020. Kansas City is in the Central Time Zone. The next time zone to the east is the Eastern Time Zone; to the west is the Mountain Time Zone.

The Meaning of Time

In physics, time is a measure of the distance between two events. In the realm of human experience, time is more complex. It can be measured, but it also can be experienced subjectively. We perceive the passage of time, and we feel its effects on our lives.

The meaning of time also is tied to culture and beliefs. For example, some cultures believe that time is cyclical, while others see it as linear. How we experience time also can be influenced by our age, Stage in life and even our mood.

Time also is a key factor in many aspects of our lives, including work, play, sleep and relationships. All of these can be affected by how we perceive time and how we manage our time.

How to Tell Time

In order to tell time, you will need to know the following information:
-What is the current time in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)?
-What is the time zone that Kansas City is located in?
-What is the daylight savings time schedule for Kansas City?

With this information, you can use a time zone converter to determine what the current time is in Kansas City.

How to Read a Clock

It is fairly easy to read a clock once you know how. The face of a clock is divided into twelve parts called hours. Each hour is divided into 60 parts called minutes. An hour hand points to the hour and a minute hand points to the minutes. The division of an hour into 60 minutes and of a day into 24 hours comes from the Babylonians.

To read an analog clock, look at the position of the hour and minute hands and mentally draw an imaginary line between them. The point where they intersect indicates what time it is.

How to Set a Clock

Clocks are set by adjusting the hands to point to the correct hour and minute. Some clocks also have a second hand, which is set to zero when the correct time is reached.

There are different ways to set a clock, depending on the type of clock and whether it is digital or analog. For analog clocks, the most common method is to turn the hands in a clockwise direction until they reach the correct time. For digital clocks, the time can be set by pressing buttons or by using a touch screen.

Some clocks can be set automatically, using radio signals or GPS signals. These clocks receive a signal that tells them what time it is, and they adjust themselves accordingly.


In conclusion, the central time zone is the primary time zone for the state of Kansas. The daylight savings time schedule for Kansas City is the same as most of the United States, with daylight savings time beginning on the first Sunday in April and ending on the last Sunday in October.

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