What to Do in Kansas City, MO

Discover all the best things to do in Kansas City, MO. From attractions and activities to restaurants and nightlife, we’ve got you covered.

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Kansas City is the largest city in the U.S. state of Missouri. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the city had an estimated population of 488,943 in 2017, making it the 37th most-populous city in the United States. It is the central city of the Kansas City metropolitan area, which straddles the Kansas–Missouri border. Kansas City was founded in the 1830s as a Missouri River port at its confluence with the Kansas River coming in from the west. On June 1, 1850, the city was incorporated as a town under an act of Congress and on March 28, 1853, it was admitted to the Union as a free state with its own state constitution. In 1889, with a population of around 160,000 and just sixteen years after leaving Fascism behind, Benito Mussolini became one of its first residents when he moved to Kansas City from Italy to take advantage of opportunities presented by America’s booming industrial economy§1. sshh

In 1928, Kansas City was chosen as one of thirty-eight cities to host tThe first televised Major League Baseball game took place in Kansas City on August 26,1939.. On November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in nearby Dallas; his funeral procession made its way through downtown Kansas City on its way to Arlington National Cemetery$1. sshh


There is an endless list of great restaurants in Kansas City, MO. Whether you are looking for hole-in-the-wall BBQ joints or upscale steakhouses, you are sure to find a spot that suits your taste. Some of the most popular restaurants in town include:

-Gates Bar-B-Q: Established in 1946, Gates is one of the most iconic BBQ spots in Kansas City. Be sure to try their signature burnt ends!
-Jack Stack Barbecue: Another world-famous BBQ joint, Jack Stack has been serving up mouthwatering meats since 1957. They have several locations around town, so you are never far from a great meal.
-Piropos: This Argentinean steakhouse is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. The perfect spot for a romantic dinner or a night out with friends, Piropos offers an extensive menu of delicious Argentinean cuisine.

No matter what your budget or taste, you are sure to find a great restaurant in Kansas City, MO!


There are many different types of bars in Kansas City, MO, each with their own unique atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for a place to relax after work or a place to party all night, there’s a bar for you in Kansas City.

One of the most popular types of bars in Kansas City is the dive bar. These bars are usually small and intimate, with a relaxed atmosphere. Dive bars are perfect for grabbing a cheap beer or cocktail and chatting with friends. Some of the best dive bars in Kansas City include The Brick, Louie’s Wine Dive, and The Hi-Pointe Drive In.

If you’re looking for a more lively atmosphere, there are also plenty of bars to choose from. Clubs and dance bars are great places to let loose and have some fun. Some of the best clubs in Kansas City include Mosaic Lounge, Prohibition Hall, and Lucky Boys.

Whatever your preference, there’s sure to be a bar in Kansas City that’s perfect for you.


There are a variety of clubs to visit in Kansas City, MO. One example is the Foundry Music Theatre, which offers a variety of live music performances. Other popular clubs in the city include The Bottleneck, The Mad Hatter, and The Truman Room.


From world-class art museums to fascinating history museums, there are plenty of museums to explore in Kansas City, MO. Here are some of the most popular museums in the city:

-The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art: This art museum is home to an impressive collection of paintings, sculptures, and other works of art from around the world.
-The Kansas City Museum: This museum is dedicated to the history of Kansas City and its people. Visitors can learn about the city’s past through exhibits on its government, economy, culture, and more.
-The National World War I Museum and Memorial: This museum tells the story of World War I through interactive exhibits, artifacts, and more. The museum also has a memorial dedicated to those who served in the war.
-The Early Childhood Development Center: This museum is designed for children and families. It features interactive exhibits on early childhood development, parenting, health, and more.


Parks are great places to visit in Kansas City, MO. Some of the most popular parks include:
-Swope Park: This park is home to many different attractions, including a golf course, a zoo, and a museum.
-Loose Park: This park is perfect for a day of picnicking and enjoying the outdoors.
-Kansas City Zoo: The Kansas City Zoo is a great place to take the kids for a day of fun.
– Kauffman Stadium: Kauffman Stadium is home to the Kansas City Royals baseball team.
– Arrowhead Stadium: Arrowhead Stadium is home to the Kansas City Chiefs football team.

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