When Does NC Play Kansas?

The NC Jayhawks will face off against the Kansas Jayhawks in the NCAA tournament soon. Find out when they play and how you can watch the game.

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The North Carolina Jayhawks are a basketball team that represents the University of Kansas in the NCAA Division I. They compete in the Big 12 Conference. The team is named after the state bird of Kansas, the jayhawk. The Jayhawks have won three NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championships (1952, 1988, and 2008). They have also won 13 conference championships and 22 conference tournament titles.

The Rivalry

The Rivalry between NC and Kansas is one of the most legendary in all of college basketball. The two teams have met a total of highlight times, with Kansas winning the majority of the matchups. However, North Carolina has had its fair share of victories as well, including some recent ones that have come in the NCAA tournament. Here is a look at the complete history of the NC-Kansas rivalry.

The Schedule

The 2019 college football season is fast approaching, and everybody wants to know when their favorite team is playing. Here’s a look at the full schedule for the upcoming season, with dates and times for every game.

August 31
Louisiana vs. Miami (FL)
Oregon vs. Auburn
UCLA vs. Cincinnati
Virginia Tech vs. Boston College
Wisconsin vs. South Florida

September 1
Alabama vs. Duke
Clemson vs. Georgia Tech
Florida State vs. Boise State
LSU vs. Texas Longhorns

The Fans

No matter what team you support, there is always one thing that unites all fans: the love of the game. And when it comes to college basketball, there are few games that generate as much excitement as when North Carolina takes on Kansas.

So when does NC play Kansas? The answer is, unfortunately, not as often as we would like. The two teams last played each other in 2017, with North Carolina coming out on top. However, the two teams have a long history and have met each other a total of 34 times.

The first time they played each other was in 1952, and since then they have played each other every few years. In recent years, the games have been somewhat irregular, but fans can always hope that they will meet again soon on the court.

Whenever they do play, it is sure to be an exciting game. So whether you are a North Carolina fan or a Kansas fan (or just a fan of college basketball in general), keep your eye out for the next time these two teams face off against each other. It is sure to be a game that you won’t want to miss!


From the looks of the 2019-20 schedule, it appears that North Carolina and Kansas will not face each other in regular-season play. According to the schedule, North Carolina’s final regular-season game is against Duke on March 7, 2020. Kansas’ final regular-season game is scheduled for March 7, 2020, as well.

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