When Will the Mask Mandate Be Over in Kansas?

We’ve all been waiting for the day when we can go back to our lives pre-pandemic. When will the mask mandate be over in Kansas?

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The State of Kansas has released guidance on when the statewide mask mandate will be lifted.

On March 29, 2021, Governor Laura Kelly announced that the statewide mask mandate would be lifted on April 30, 2021. The guidance released by the state says that individuals are still encouraged to wear masks and practice social distancing, but it is not required.

The decision to lift the mask mandate was made after consulting with health experts and reviewing the data on COVID-19 in Kansas. The state has seen a decrease in cases and hospitalizations, and vaccine rates have increased.

The guidance from the state says that businesses are still allowed to require customers to wear masks if they choose to do so.

What is the current status of the mask mandate in Kansas?

As of April 5th, the statewide mask mandate is still in effect. However, some counties have started to lift the mandate.

In March, Governor Laura Kelly said that the mask mandate will stay in place until 70% of Kansans have been vaccinated. As of April 5th, about 30% of Kansans have been vaccinated.

The mask mandate has been in place since July 2020. It requires people to wear masks in public spaces, including indoor public spaces and outdoors when social distancing is not possible.

When will the mask mandate be lifted in Kansas?

The mandatory statewide face covering order in Kansas is set to expire on March 31, 2021.

What are the conditions that need to be met for the mask mandate to be lifted in Kansas?

In order to lift the mask mandate in Kansas, the following conditions must be met:
-The state must have a positivity rate of 5% or less for two consecutive weeks.
-There must be a 14-day decline in hospitalizations.
-There must be a 14-day decline in the number of people in intensive care units.

What are the risks of lifting the mask mandate too soon in Kansas?

There are several risks associated with lifting the mask mandate too soon in Kansas. One of the biggest risks is the potential for a resurgence in cases of COVID-19. If people stop wearing masks and practicing social distancing, it is highly likely that the number of cases will start to go up again. This could lead to more hospitalizations and even deaths.

Another risk is the potential for further spread of variants of COVID-19. If people stop wearing masks and social distancing, it is more likely that variants will spread. This could make it more difficult to control the pandemic and could lead to more serious illness, even for people who have been vaccinated.

It is also important to consider the impact on businesses and schools. If the mask mandate is lifted too soon, it could lead to more closures and cancellations. This would have a negative impact on the economy and could cause further disruption to people’s lives.

Finally, it is worth considering the psychological impact of lifting the mask mandate too soon. For many people, wearing a mask has become a way to show solidarity with others during a difficult time. Lifting the mandate too soon could cause feelings of anxiety and isolation among those who choose to continue wearing masks.

Ultimately, the decision about when to lift the mask mandate in Kansas will need to be made by state officials based on public health data and guidance from experts. However, it is important to consider all of the potential risks before making any decisions.


The mask mandate will be over in Kansas when the rate of COVID-19 infection decreases to a point where it is no longer considered a public health threat. The exact date is unknown, but it is hoped that the mask mandate will be lifted by the end of 2021.

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