It’s been a Long Time Since Kansas Beat Texas in Football

It’s been a long time since Kansas beat Texas in football. The Jayhawks haven’t had a winning season since 2008, and the Longhorns have won the last six meetings between the two schools. But this Saturday, Kansas is a touchdown favorite to beat Texas in Austin. Can the Jayhawks finally end their losing streak against the Longhorns?

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The Kansas Jayhawks football program is the intercollegiate football team that represents the University of Kansas. The Jayhawks compete in the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the Big 12 Conference. The program has had 36 head coaches since it began play in 1890.

Mark Mangino, who led Kansas to victories in the Orange Bowl and Holiday Bowl, has the highest winning percentage of any Kansas head coach (.737).Fielding H. Yost, Ralph Welch, A.R. Kennedy, and Jack Mitchell have also served as head coach at Kansas for at least five seasons and have accumulated winning percentages above .600; Welch’s teams never lost a conference game in his seven years as head coach.hettersipher guided kansas for three losing seasons before being replaced by james monson midway through his fourth year. Sixteen Jayhawk head coaches have led their teams to bowl games: favorite sons charlie mahon and glenn dorsey each coached kansas in two bowl games; mahon’s teams won both times while dorsey’s lost both times. dave haughton is kansas’ most recent bowl-eligible head coach; his final two teams went to bowls but lost both games.

A Long Time Ago

It’s been a long time since Kansas beat Texas in football. The Longhorns have had the Jayhawks’ number for quite some time now, and it doesn’t seem like that will be changing anytime soon.

The last time Kansas beat Texas was in 1938. That’s a long time ago. In fact, it’s been so long ago that the Jayhawks have only beaten the Longhorns six times in their history.

Texas has had a stranglehold on the series for quite some time now, and there’s no reason to believe that will change anytime soon.

Kansas vs. Texas

It’s been a long time since Kansas beat Texas in football. In fact, it’s been more than a decade. The last time the Jayhawks won was in 2004, a 41-7 rout in Lawrence.

Since then, the Longhorns have won 12 straight games in the series. That includes a 24-21 victory in Austin last year, when Texas rallied from 21 down in the fourth quarter to stun Kansas.

The Longhorns are heavy favorites again this year, but the Jayhawks are hoping to end the streak and pick up a big win on Saturday.

The Last Time Kansas Won

The last time Kansas beat Texas in football was on November 23, 1938. Texas won the game 14-7.

Why Kansas Won

It’s been a long time since Kansas beat Texas in football. In fact, the last time it happened was in 1938. But on October 24, 2020, the Jayhawks finally got another win against the Longhorns.

Why did Kansas win? A lot of it had to do with their defense. The Jayhawks only gave up 13 points, while the Longhorns gave up 27. This was a big difference, and it ultimately led to a Kansas victory.

Another reason why Kansas won was because of their offense. They were able to put up 24 points, while Texas could only muster 13. This was another big difference, and it was one of the reasons why Kansas came out on top.

Overall, it was a great game by both teams. However, Kansas just had a little bit more than Texas, and that’s why they were able to come out with the win.

What’s Changed Since Then

In 1988, the last time Kansas defeated Texas in football, the world was a different place. The Soviet Union was still a thing, for starters, and so was the Berlin Wall. Windows 3.0 had yet to be released, and neither Google nor Yahoo existed. Apple was just beginning to sell its first Macintosh computer.

In the 28 years since then, much has changed – both in college football and in the world at large. Let’s take a look at some of those changes:

In college football, the biggest change has been the advent of the playoff system. In 1988, the national champion was determined by a vote of sports writers and coaches; now, four teams compete in a playoff to determine who will claim the title.

Kansas, meanwhile, has not fared well in football since that 1988 victory over Texas. The Jayhawks have had only two winning seasons in that time – one in 1995 and one in 2008 – and have not won more than seven games in a season since 2009. They have also gone through six head coaches since then.

In the world at large, some of the most significant changes include the fall of communism, the rise of digital technology and the globalization of culture. When Kansas last defeated Texas in football, Mikhail Gorbachev was still general secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union; now, Russia is led by Vladimir Putin, and communist regimes are few and far between. In 1988, few people had ever heard of the internet; now, it’s hard to imagine life without it. And while American culture has always been influential around the world, it is now more globalized than ever before – thanks in part to streaming services like Netflix that make it easy to access content from anywhere in the world.


In conclusion, it has been a very long time since Kansas has beat Texas in football. This is due to many factors, such as the talent of the players, the coaching, and the history between the two teams. However, anything can happen in college football, and so Kansas fans should never give up hope.

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