When Was the Last Time Kansas Won March Madness?

It’s been a while since the Jayhawks have won the NCAA tournament. Here’s a look at the last time Kansas won March Madness.

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The Last Time Kansas Won March Madness

The last time Kansas Won March Madness was in 2008. The Jayhawks defeated the Memphis Tigers in the championship game. This was Kansas’ fifth NCAA title.


Twenty-eight years have passed since then-coach Roy Williams led the Jayhawks to their most recent National Championship in 1992.

Since that time, the Jayhawks have made it back to the Final Four five more times, but they have fallen short each time. Their last appearance was in 2018, when they lost to eventual champion Villanova in the semifinals.

Kansas has had a number of great teams in the intervening years, but they have been unable to get over the hump and win another title. Maybe this will be the year that they finally break through and bring a second championship back to Lawrence!


Kansas last won the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament in 2008. That year, they defeated the Memphis Tigers in the championship game. Since then, they have made the tournament every year but have not made it back to the Finals.


In 2012, the Jayhawks beat Ohio State in the final, who were the defending champions. Thomas Robinson was named the most outstanding player of the tournament.

Why Kansas Hasn’t Won March Madness Recently

It’s been over a decade since Kansas won the NCAA tournament, and the Jayhawks have only been to the Final Four three times since then. So what’s the reason for Kansas’ recent struggles in March Madness? Let’s take a look.

Lack of good players

In recent years, Kansas has failed to live up to the lofty expectations set for the program. The Jayhawks have not won a national championship since 2008, and they have not made it to the Final Four since 2012.

Part of the reason for this is that Kansas has not had the same level of success in recruiting top players as it did in the past. In recent years, the Jayhawks have missed out on some of the nation’s top recruits, including Zion Williamson, who chose to play for Duke instead.

Another reason for Kansas’ lack of success is that some of their best players have been unable to stay healthy. For example, forward Perry Ellis missed significant time with injuries during his time at Kansas.

Finally, some have speculated that Kansas head coach Bill Self may be losing his touch. Self is one of the most successful coaches in college basketball history, but some have questioned whether he is still able to get the most out of his players.

Whatever the reasons for Kansas’ struggles, it is clear that the Jayhawks are no longer one of the dominant forces in college basketball.

Lack of good coaching

In the last ten years, Kansas has only made it past the Sweet Sixteen three times. In 2012, they lost in the national championship game to Kentucky. This was under the leadership of then-coach Bill Self. The next year, they were upset in the first round by Wichita State. In 2014, they made it back to the Sweet Sixteen but lost to Stanford. The 2015 season was a disappointment, as they lost in the second round to Wichita State again. 2016 saw them make it back to the Elite Eight, but they lost to Villanova. 2017 was another disappointing year, as they lost in the first round to Oregon State. 2018 was a better year, as they made it back to the Sweet Sixteen but lost to Clemson. Finally, in 2019, they were once again upset in the first round by Auburn.

The common thread throughout these years has been a lack of good coaching. Bill Self is a good coach, but he hasn’t been able to bring Kansas back to the level of success that they enjoyed in the early 2000s. Since he took over in 2003, Kansas has only won one national championship (in 2008). Compare this to Duke, which has won five national championships under Coach K since 1991. It’s clear that Kansas needs to find a new coach if they want to start winning March Madness again.

Lack of good luck

March Madness is the time of year when everyone starts filling out their brackets in hopes of predicting the next NCAA basketball champions. For avid fans, it’s also a time to reflect on their team’s past successes (or lack thereof).

If you’re a fan of the Kansas Jayhawks, you might be wondering why they haven’t been winning as of late. After all, they’re one of the most successful college basketball programs in history.

There are a few reasons why Kansas hasn’t been as lucky in recent years. First, the team has lost some key players to injury. Second, they’ve been drawn into tough brackets and faced tough opponents.

It’s impossible to say for sure why any team wins or loses in March Madness. But we can say that Kansas has had some unlucky breaks in recent years. Hopefully, their luck will turn around soon!

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