Who Beat Kansas City in the World Series?

The Kansas City Royals lost to the San Francisco Giants in the 2014 World Series.

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Kansas City’s Previous Wins

The Kansas City Royals have a long history of winning the World Series. They have won the World Series a total of seven times, with their most recent win in 2015. They have also won the American League Pennant ten times.

2015 World Series

The 2015 World Series was the 111th edition of Major League Baseball’s annual championship series. It was a best-of-seven playoff played between the National League (NL) champions New York Mets and the American League (AL) champions Kansas City Royals. The Mets swept the Royals in four games to win their fifth World Series championship in franchise history, their first since winning the 2000 World Series. It was also the first time since the inception of divisional play in 1969 that a team from New York won a World Series in which home-field advantage was not decided by which league won that year’s All-Star Game.

The Series began on October 27 and ended on November 1.

1985 World Series

The Royals had their first chance to win a World Series in 1980, but they lost to the Philadelphia Phillies in six games. In 1985, they finally won the championship, defeating the St. Louis Cardinals in seven games. George Brett was named MVP of the Series, hitting .370 with two home runs and five RBIs. Bret Saberhagen was also named MVP, going 2-0 with a 1.50 ERA.

Kansas City’s Losses

The Kansas City Royals made it to the World Series in 2014, but lost to the San Francisco Giants. In 2015, they lost to the Mets. In 2016, they lost to the Cubs.

2014 World Series

The Kansas City Royals lost to the San Francisco Giants in the 2014 World Series. The final score was 3-2, with the Giants winning in 10 innings.

1980 World Series

The 1980 World Series matched the Philadelphia Phillies against the Kansas City Royals, with the Phillies winning four games to two. It was the first title for the Phillies since they beat Kansas City in the 1950 World Series. This was also the last all-Missouri World Series as both teams represented cities in that state.

Who Won Against Kansas City?

The Royals lost to the Mets in the 2015 World Series. The Mets won the series 4-1.

San Francisco Giants

In 2010, the San Francisco Giants won the World Series against the Kansas City Royals. The final score was 3-2, with the Giants winning in extra innings. This was a historic victory, as it was the first time that a team from San Francisco had won the World Series.

New York Yankees

The New York Yankees have won 27 World Series championships, more than any other team in baseball. They last won in 2009, when they defeated the Philadelphia Phillies in six games. The Yankees have also appeared in 40 World Series, more than any other team.

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