Who Beat Kansas in the NCAA Tournament?

The answer may surprise you. It wasn’t Duke, or Kentucky. It was actually Wichita State.

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The NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament, also known and branded as NCAA March Madness, is a single-elimination tournament played each spring in the United States, currently featuring 68 college basketball teams from the Division I level of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), to determine the national championship. The tournament was created in 1939 by the National Association of Basketball Coaches, and was the idea of Ohio State coach Harold Olsen. Played mostly during March, it has become one of the most famous annual sporting events in the United States.

Kansas’ Road to the Tournament

Kansas came into the tournament as a number one seed in the South region. They defeated Southeast Missouri State, Seton Hall, and Auburn to reach the Sweet Sixteen. In the Sweet Sixteen, they faced off against Clemson. They won that game handily, 84-66. In the Elite Eight, they met up with Duke. This was a tightly contested game, but Kansas eventually won 71-67. This sent them to the Final Four where they would take on Villanova.

In the Final Four, Kansas played a great game, but it wasn’t enough as they lost 59-62 to Villanova. So, while Kansas did not win the tournament, they had a great run.

The Game

In the final game of the season, Kansas took on Duke in the NCAA tournament. Duke was the better team on paper, but Kansas had been hot lately and was seeded higher. The game went back and forth, but in the end, Duke came out on top by a score of 71-64.


It’s been more than a week since Kansas lost in the NCAA Tournament, and the Jayhawks are still feeling the pain.

The loss wasn’t easy to take, as Kansas had a chance to win in the final seconds but couldn’t convert on its last possession. The Jayhawks were left stunned, and the rest of the country was left wondering how they lost.

It’s been a tough few days for Kansas fans, but there is some silver lining. Here are four reasons why Kansas fans shouldn’t be too discouraged after the loss.

1) The Jayhawks were one of the best teams in the country all season long.

2) The loss doesn’t take away from what was an otherwise incredible season.

3) Kansas has a lot of young talent that will be back next season.

4) The Jayhawks have won multiple national titles in recent years, so they know how to bounce back from tough losses.

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