Who Do Kansas City Chiefs Play Tomorrow?

Similarly, Who will the Chiefs face in the playoffs?

After the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Buffalo Bills defeated the New England Patriots in the NFL playoffs’ first weekend, the two teams will meet in Kansas City on Sunday. On Sunday, January, the Chiefs will face the Bills at 5:30 p.m.

Also, it is asked, What time does the Chiefs play this weekend?

If the Chiefs lose against the Broncos on Saturday, all of this will be for nothing The date is Saturday, January 8. (ET)TV GameTime Channel Broncos vs. Chiefs It’s 4:30 p.m. ESPN, ABC, ESPN+, and fuboTV are some of the most popular television networks in the United States. Eagles against. Cowboys 8:15 p.m. a.m. a.m. a.m. ESPN, ABC, ESPN+, and fuboTV are some of the most popular television networks in the United States. 8th of January, 2022

Secondly, What channel is the Chiefs game on Sunday?

The game will be broadcast live on CBS The 30th of January is a Sunday. Start time for the matchTV channel for the match Bengals vs. Chiefs 3:00 p.m. Rams against. 49ers6:30 p.m. ETCBSRams vs. 49ers6:30 p.m. ETFOX.

Also, What time do the Chiefs and Bills play tomorrow?

Time for the Chiefs to begin. The game between the Bills and the Chiefs will begin at 6:30 p.m. ET at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri.

People also ask, Who will the Chiefs play in the first playoff game?

13. The No. 2-seeded Kansas City Chiefs face the No. 7-seeded Pittsburgh Steelers in the first round of the playoffs.

Related Questions and Answers

Who will Chiefs play in 2022 playoffs?

Teams from the AFC West will meet teams from the NFC West, which means the Chiefs will play three playoff teams: the Cardinals, Rams, and 49ers, as well as the Seahawks. The Chiefs will also play the Titans, Colts, Texans, and Jaguars from the AFC South. 7 February 2022

What time does the Kansas City Chiefs play today?

We’ll find out soon enough, as this clash is slated to begin at 8:20 p.m. ET at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, Calif Week 15 is the last week. Time for the game to begin 8:20 p.m., TV channelChiefs vs. Chargers ETFox/NFLN/Amazon.

Where can I find the Chiefs game?

WATCH: Mobile and Over-the-Top Streaming App for the Chiefs On the official Chiefs Mobile App, you may watch live Chiefs games. CBS All Access is a subscription service provided by CBS. CBS All Access allows you to watch the NFL on CBS. Fox Sports is a television network that broadcasts sports events. NBC Sports is a network that broadcasts sports. ESPN. Amazon Prime Video is a streaming service provided by Amazon. DIRECTV Sunday Ticket from the National Football League. Sunday Ticket from the National Football League.

What channel is Fox in KC?

WDAF-TV is a FOX-affiliated television station licensed to Kansas City, Missouri, and serves the Kansas City metropolitan area on virtual channel 4 (UHF digital channel 34).

Who wins KC or Buffalo?

In a wild playoff game, the Chiefs beat Buffalo 42-36 in overtime. RTG77.4 percent 149.0 COMP percent

Did the Chiefs play the Bills?

Scores and comments from the Bills vs. Chiefs game in the NFL playoffs Kansas City defeats Buffalo and Josh Allen in overtime in the AFC Divisional Round. The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Buffalo Bills 42-36 in overtime in an instant classic of a playoff game thanks to Travis Kelce’s 8-yard touchdown reception.

What channel is the Chiefs and Bills game on tonight?

The game will be broadcast on CBS across the United States.

Who will the Chiefs play in the 2nd round?


Who will Chiefs play in divisional round?

In a repeat of last year’s AFC Championship game, the Kansas City Chiefs face the Buffalo Bills in the divisional round of the playoffs on Sunday. Because these two teams were the highest-scoring from Super Wild Card Weekend, it might be a wild, high-scoring matchup.

Who will be in the Super Bowl 2022?

The Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals will face off in the 2022 Super Bowl after finishing as the two best teams in the playoffs. Everything boils down to this.

Who will win Super Bowl 2021?

Prediction for the winner of Super Bowl 56 The Chiefs will benefit greatly from Patrick Mahomes’ experience; if he’s up to it, there’s no better young quarterback in the league today. Mahomes and Kansas City seem to be gearing up for another strong postseason run, making them our favorite to win.

Who do KC Chiefs play in 2022?

opponents in 2022 HomeDivision foesCategoryHomeDivision foes (AFC West) Broncos, Denver Raiders of Las Vegas Chargers of Los Angeles Competitors in the conference (AFC South) Jaguars of Jacksonville Titans of Tennessee Competitors in the conference (based on 2021 division placement) The Buffalo Bills are a professional football team based in Rivals from other conferences (NFC West) Rams of Los Angeles The Seattle Seahawks are a professional football team based in Seattle 1 more row to go

Which NFL team has the toughest schedule in 2022?

According to a new assessment by Arrowhead Pride, the Chiefs will have the toughest schedule in the NFL in 2022. 4 April 2022

How many games have the Chiefs won in 2021?

In 2021, the Kansas City Chiefs won 12 games.

Why are Chiefs playing on Saturday?

The National Football League has agreed to move the Kansas City Chiefs’ annual visit to Mile High Stadium to face the Denver Broncos from Sunday to Saturday afternoon. As a result, both clubs will have to play their last regular-season game on a short week. 3 January 2022

Is there college football on tonight?

Today there are no college football games. Georgia defeated Alabama in the College Football Playoff National Championship Game to end the 2021-22 season. Week 0 of the 2022 season will take place on Saturday, August 27.

Who plays Sunday night football tonight and what channel?

NBC SportsNBCPeacockTelemundoNBC SportsNBCPeacockTelemundoNBCPeacockTelem


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