Who Won Between Buffalo and Kansas City?

We take a look at the matchup between the Buffalo Bills and the Kansas City Chiefs to see who came out on top.

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The game

The game was a close one with both teams vying for the lead. In the end, Buffalo came out on top with a score of 31-24. The fans were on their feet the whole game, cheering their team on. Both teams played their hearts out, but in the end, Buffalo was the victor.

What happened

In a historic AFC Championship game, the Buffalo Bills defeated the Kansas City Chiefs, 38-24. The Bills were led by their impressive defense, which forced three turnovers, including two interceptions of Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Buffalo’s offense also played well, scoring 28 points behind strong performances from running back Devin Singletary and wide receiver Stefon Diggs. With the win, the Bills advanced to the Super Bowl for the first time since 1994.

What was the score

The game between the Buffalo Bills and the Kansas City Chiefs was a see-saw affair, with the lead changing hands several times. The final score was 42-17 in favor of the Bills.

The teams

The Buffalo Bills and the Kansas City Chiefs are two American football teams that compete in the National Football League (NFL). The Bills compete in the American Football Conference (AFC) while the Chiefs compete in the National Football Conference (NFC). The Bills and Chiefs met each other for the first time in 1971.


On October 19, 2016, the Kansas City Royals won the American League Pennant for the second consecutive year, defeating the Toronto Blue Jays in game six of the ALCS. The following day, the Buffalo Bills defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 30–22 in Buffalo. This was the first time in NFL history that two teams from the same city won their respective league championships on back-to-back days.

Kansas City

The Kansas City Chiefs are a professional American football team based in Kansas City, Missouri. The Chiefs compete in the National Football League (NFL) as a member club of the league’s American Football Conference (AFC) West division. The team was founded in 1960 as the Dallas Texans by businessman Lamar Hunt and was a charter member of the American Football League (AFL). In 1963, the team relocated to Kansas City, Missouri, and assumed their current name. The Chiefs joined the NFL as a result of the AFL–NFL merger in 1970. The team is valued at over $2 billion. Hunt’s son, Clark, serves as chairman and CEO.

The Chiefs have won three AFL championships, in 1962, 1966, and 1969. They became the second AFL team (after the New York Jets) to defeat an NFL team in an AFL–NFL World Championship Game when they defeated the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl IV. The team’s victory on January 11, 1970, remaines as the cleaningest victory in Super Bowl history, with no turnovers committed by either team and a 0.0% turnover differential; to date it is also one of only four Super Bowls (as of 2019) not to have featured a punt or turnover on downs by either team.[9][10] The Super Bowl IV win earned them the most recent of two championships awarded by the old American Football League prior to its 1970 merger with National Football League (the other being Super Bowl III achievement by then-AFL’s New York Jets).

In total, the Chiefs have appeared in six AFC Championship Games (1970, 1971, 1986, 1993, 1994,[11] and 2019), winning two (1970 and 2019). They are also one of two NFL teams to defeat all their divisional opponents twice within the same season since 1970 (the other being Miami Dolphins in 1972),[12] having done so prior their wins in both AFC Championship appearances during that span.[13][14] Including playoff games,[15] they have an overall record of 23 wins and 16 losses at Arrowhead Stadium since moving there permanently for training camp facilities purposes prior to start of 1971 season.[16][17]

The players

The game was a tough one, with both teams giving it their all. In the end, it was the Buffalo Bills who came out on top, with a score of 31-17. The Kansas City Chiefs put up a good fight, but ultimately it wasn’t enough. Let’s take a look at the key players from both sides who helped make this game so exciting.


The Buffalo Bills defeated the Kansas City Chiefs in a nail-biting game that came down to the wire. The Bills were led by their strong defense, which was able to contain the high-powered Chiefs offense. The Bills’ offense was also able to make some big plays, including a touchdown pass from quarterback Josh Allen to wide receiver Stefon Diggs.

Kansas City

The game was a rematch of last year’s AFC Championship Game, which Kansas City won handily, 35-24.

This time, the Bills put up more of a fight, but the result was the same: a Kansas City victory. The Chiefs won, 22-17.

The fans


Buffalo won the game against Kansas City with a final score of 24-17. This was a big win for the team and their fans, who have been waiting for a victory like this for a long time. The fans were ecstatic and could not contain their excitement, even after the game ended.

Kansas City

The fans at Arrowhead Stadium were loud and proud as the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Buffalo Bills in a close game. Chiefs fans have been known for their loyalty and support, and they showed up in full force on Sunday. The Bills fans were also loud and supportive of their team, but in the end, the Chiefs came out on top.

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