Who Won the Cleveland Browns Kansas City Game?

The Cleveland Browns won the game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

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The Cleveland Browns and the Kansas City Chiefs are two of the most popular teams in the NFL. They have a long-standing rivalry, and their games are always highly anticipated. This year, the Browns and the Chiefs met in the playoffs, and it was a close game. Ultimately, the Browns won by a score of 27-24.

The Game

The game was a close one with the score being 24-21 in favor of the Cleveland Browns. The Kansas City Chiefs had the lead for most of the game but the Browns came back in the fourth quarter to take the win. This was a big win for the Browns and their fans as they had not won a game in over a year.

The First Half

The Browns started the game with the ball and moved it out to midfield before punting it away. The Chiefs then got their offense going and drove down the field for a touchdown. After a few more punts, the Chiefs increased their lead with another touchdown late in the first half.

The Second Half

The second half started with a touchdown drive by the Chiefs, capped by another Hunt rushing touchdown. The Browns responded with a field goal, but the Chiefs quickly struck back with Hill’s second touchdown reception of the game. After another Browns field goal, rookie quarterback Patrick Mahomes led the Chiefs on another scoring drive, this one finishing with a Kareem Hunt rushing touchdown. The Browns scored a late touchdown, but it was not enough and the Chiefs won the game 37–21.


The final score was 24-16, with the Kansas City Chiefs victorious over the Cleveland Browns.

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