Who Won the NASCAR Race Today in Kansas?

Find out who won the NASCAR race today in Kansas by following the link below.

Checkout this video:


The NASCAR race held today in Kansas was won by Chase Elliott. This is his second win of the season and the sixth of his career.

Race Results

1st Place: Brad Keselowski
2nd Place: Joey Logano
3rd Place: Denny Hamlin
4th Place: Chase Elliott
5th Place: Kurt Busch

Winner’s Reaction

The winner of the NASCAR race in Kansas today was Brad Keselowski. In an interview after the race, Keselowski said that he was “ecstatic” to have won. He also said that he felt like he had a “great car” and that his team did a “fantastic job.”


In the end, Joey Logano won the NASCAR race in Kansas today. He had a great race and ended up finishing ahead of Kevin Harvick and Chase Elliott. This was a great win for him and his team, and they are sure to be excited about it.

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