Who Won the UNC-Kansas Game?

The UNC-Kansas game was a close one, but in the end UNC pulled ahead and won!

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The game

The game was very close. The score was tied at the end of regulation and went into overtime. UNC made a free throw with seconds left in overtime to win the game.

What happened

The Jayhawks lost to the Tar Heels 68-66 in a game that came down to the final possession. With under 10 seconds left, Carolina’s Theo Pinson drove to the basket and was fouled by Kansas’ Lagerald Vick. Pinson made both free throws, giving UNC a 67-66 lead with 7.8 seconds left.

On the ensuing Jayhawks possession, Vick missed a jumper with five seconds left, and then Marcus Garrett’s putback try was off the mark as time expired.

What was the score

The game was very close, with UNC winning by a score of 79-73.

The aftermath

The UNC-Kansas game was one for the ages. It was a back and forth battle that saw both teams trading leads. In the end, UNC came out on top, but it was a hard fought battle by both teams. After the game, both teams were understandably exhausted.

How did people react

The aftermath of the game was intense, with people on both sides of the court feeling the sting of defeat. The UNC fans were particularly vocal, booing the players and coaches as they left the court. Some Kansas fans were seen crying, while others simply looked stunned.

What were the consequences

The aftermath of the game was pretty severe. A lot of people were really upset and even started to riot. It was a really big deal for a while but eventually things calmed down.

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