Who Won the USC vs. Kansas Game?

The USC Trojans won their game against the Kansas Jayhawks with a score of 73-63.

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The USC Trojans defeated the Kansas Jayhawks in a close game, winning by a score of 21-17. This was a hard-fought victory for the Trojans, who had to come from behind in the second half to win the game. The Jayhawks put up a good fight, but in the end, the Trojans were just too strong.

Overall Record

The USC Trojans are 6-4 overall in the 2020 season. They have won two games in a row, beating Oregon State and UCLA. Their next game is against Stanford on December 5.

Record Against Kansas

The USC Trojans have a long and storied history, and their record against the Kansas Jayhawks is no exception.

In their first meeting in 1903, the Jayhawks handily defeated USC 18-0. It wouldn’t be until 1943 that the Trojans would exact revenge, when they crushed Kansas 63-0.

The teams would meet again in 2007, with USC coming out on top 24-21.

And finally, in 2016, the Jayhawks upset the then-No. 5 ranked Trojans 31-27 in a stunning upset.

So what’s the final score? As of right now, it’s Kansas 3, USC 1… but we’ll see if that changes in the future!

Key Players

In looking at the key players in the game, let’s start with USC. For the Trojans, it was freshman J.T. Daniels who got the start under center. Overall, he finished 18-for-35 for 282 yards, one touchdown and one interception. But he did most of his damage in the second half, completing 13 of his 23 attempts for 216 yards after halftime.


Overall Record

As of the 2019 season, Kansas has an all-time record of 585–633–58 (.479).

Record Against USC

The Jayhawks have had some good games against USC. In fact, they have a pretty decent record against the Trojans. They’ve won four out of the last six games and six out of the last ten.

Key Players

In order for the Jayhawks to have a chance against the Trojans, a few key players will have to step up. On offense, quarterback Carter Stanley will need to have a big game, as he’ll be tasked with leading Kansas’ attack against a strong USC defense. Additionally, running back Pooka Williams will need to have a good game on the ground, as he’ll be expected to provide some stability for the Jayhawks’ offense.

On defense, cornerback Hasan Defense will need tocontaining Trojan receivers. Additionally, linebacker Bryce Tuggle will need to have a good game in order to keep USC’s offense in check. If Kansas can get decent production out of these key players, they’ll have a chance to win the game.

The Game

The USC Trojans beat the Kansas Jayhawks in a hard fought game. The Jayhawks made a come back in the second half, but the Trojans held on to win. This game was a great game to watch.


USC trojan’s defeated the Jayhawks of Kansas with a score of 24-17.


On Saturday, the USC Trojans took on the Kansas Jayhawks in a highly anticipated game. The Trojans were looking to redeem themselves after last week’s disappointing loss to Oregon, while the Jayhawks were hoping to keep their perfect record intact.

The game did not disappoint, as it was a close contest throughout. The Trojans took an early lead, but the Jayhawks battled back and took a slim lead at halftime. The second half was even more exciting, as both teams exchanged leads several times.

In the end, it was the USC Trojans who came out on top, defeating the Kansas Jayhawks by a score of 79-74. USC’s leading scorer was junior guard Jordan McLaughlin, who had 22 points in the victory.

What’s Next for Both Teams?

After a hard fought battle, the USC Trojans emerged victorious against the Kansas Jayhawks with a score of 21-17. Both teams put up a good fight, but in the end the Trojans were just too much for the Jayhawks. With this win, the Trojans move to 5-1 on the season and will look to build on this momentum as they head into their next game against the Oregon State Beavers. The Jayhawks, on the other hand, will look to regroup and get back to winning ways as they take on the Texas Tech Red Raiders.


It’s always tough to lose any game, but especially a bowl game. The USC Trojans found this out the hard way as they fell to the Kansas Jayhawks 24-17 in the Liberty Bowl.

What’s next for both teams?

USC will likely be ranked in the preseason polls and will have high expectations. They’ll be looking to rebound from this tough loss and will be motivated to get back to a bowl game and win it this time. Kansas, on the other hand, will be looking to build on this big win. They’ll be looking to improve their record and make it back to a bowl game next year.


Although Kansas did not end their season the way they would have liked, finishing with a record of 12-1 overall and 10-1 in conference play, they still have a lot to be proud of. They won their conference, the Big 12, and represented it well in the Cotton Bowl Classic. They will look to build on this success next season and will look to win the conference again. They will have to replace some key players on both sides of the ball, but they have the talent and coaching to do so.

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