Why Are Arkansas and Kansas Pronounced Differently?

So, why do we say them in various ways? We owe it to the French to thank them. Arkansas was called from a Native American tribe’s French plural, whereas Kansas is the English spelling of a related tribe. We pronounce Bill Clinton’s home state because the letter “s” at the end of French nouns is normally silent. “Arkansaw Arkansaw Arkansas is the 29th biggest state by area and the 34th most populated, with little over 3 million people according to the 2020 census. Little Rock, the state’s capital and most populous city, is a transportation, commerce, cultural, and government center in the state’s central region. Arkansas – Wikipedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arkansas”

Similarly, Why are Kansas and Arkansas pronounced differently Reddit?

Why are they pronounced so differently when they’re just two letters apart? The French are to blame. Arkansas is of French origin (thus the omission of the trailing s), while Kansas is English (so the trailing s is pronounced).

Also, it is asked, How is the Arkansas River pronounced in Kansas?

Secondly, Is pronouncing Arkansas wrong in Arkansas?

It is completely forbidden to mispronounce the wordArkansas.” As a result, inhabitants of Arkansas have made it illegal to say the state’s name incorrectly while inside its boundaries, a legislation that is still in place today.

Also, What happens if you pronounce Arkansas wrong?

So, no, it’s not against the law to mispronounce Arkansas. The tribe’s name is spelled Kansas in English, which leads to the present pronunciation. Because Arkansas is French, the last “s” is omitted. As a result, the official pronunciation of Arkansas is closer to the Native American term.

People also ask, Why is it pronounced Colonel?

The name “colonel” was derived from the French word coronelle, which meant commander of a regiment or column of troops in the mid-16th century. The spelling and French pronunciation had evolved to colonnel by the mid-seventeenth century. The pronunciation was likewise decreased to two syllables, and the English spelling was modified.

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What is the correct way to pronounce Arkansas?

In 1881, the Arkansas legislature made a huge issue about ensuring that the state name was pronounced correctly, stressing that all three “a”s should be said “with the Italian accent.” Despite this, both local Arkansans and visitors alike pronounce Arkansas as “AR-kin-saw.” So much for following the rules

How is Arkansas actually pronounced?

The General Assembly of Arkansas approved Resolution 1-4-105 in 1881, proclaiming that the state’s name should be spelt “Arkansas” but pronounced “Arkansaw.”

What’s the correct pronunciation of Arkansas?

Why does Illinois have a silent s?

Illinois. The state of Illinois is often pronounced NOY, although you may hear a pronunciation that ends in z, akin to noise, particularly in the southern United States. Because the term is French-based, the French pronunciation ill-i-NOY is quieter.

Why do British say leftenant?

A lower-ranking soldier marches on the left side of a senior commander, according to military protocol. When swords were still used in warfare, this politeness emerged. On the “left,” a lower-ranking soldier guarded the senior commanders’ left side. As a result, the word “leftenant” was coined.

Is Arkansas named after Kansas?

Our French and Native American ancestors are reflected in the name “Arkansas.” Kansas and Arkansas have the same root word (kká:ze), which was a Siouan name for members of the Siouan family’s Dhegiha branch. It was also used to refer to the Kansa tribe in the future state of Kansas.

Is calling Arkansas Arkansas illegal?

It’s a fantastic legislation. It simply states that the state’s name must be pronounced in a certain manner. You can’t say ArKansas or Arkansasss correctly. Arkansaw is the name of the town.

Is it illegal to flirt in Arkansas?

According to Arkansas law, smoking is forbidden in all public places and enclosed spaces inside workplaces. 5. On the streets of Little Rock, men and women are not permitted to flirt with each other. There will be no flirting.

What’s the weirdest law in Arkansas?

Arkansas’s 8 Strangest Laws At a McDonald’s, never start or stop a car abruptly. Atheists are not allowed to hold political office or testify in court. You are not permitted to name your kid Zabradacka. Wife slapping is permitted once a month. It’s Arkansaw, and you must pronounce it correctly.

Can you legally beat your wife in Arkansas?

In Arkansas, men are allowed to beat their spouses once a month.

What are people from Arkansas called?

Despite the fact that “Arkansan” has been the de facto norm, some of the state’s most well-known authors have advocated for “Arkansawyer.” To add to the confusion, an older name, Arkansians, was used before either Arkansawyer or Arkansan.

Why is Wednesday spelled wrong?

Wdnesdaeg’s spelling altered when it transitioned from Old to Middle English. The “d” stayed in “Wednesdei” even when the word changed into “Wednesday.” Wednesday is one of several words where letters occur in the spelling but not in the pronunciation, such as February and ptarmigan.

Why is Arkansas not pronounced like Kansas vine?

So, why do we say them in various ways? We owe it to the French to thank them. Arkansas was called from a Native American tribe’s French plural, whereas Kansas is the English spelling of a related tribe. We call Bill Clinton’s home state “Arkansaw” since the letter “s” at the end of French nouns is normally silent.

Do you pronounce the r in California?

The “r” sound is clearly produced by many Californians, which is not the case in other regions of the country. The word “really,” for example, emphasizes the “r” a lot, making it seem like “rrrreally.”

Why is Kansas called Kansas?

The Kansa Indians were the inspiration for the state’s name. They were referred to as the “People of the South Wind” in English. Like many other American Indian tribes, the Kansa simply called themselves “the people.” The term Kansas was originally printed many years ago.

How do you pronounce Hawaii?

Hawaii is spelt correctly as Hawai’i, with the apostrophe indicating a glottal stop. A glottal stop is a brief break in air movement, similar to the delay between the syllables of the exclamation uh-oh. With a glottal stop, the true pronunciation is huh-WAH-ee.

How do natives pronounce Colorado?

Colo-rocky. Colo-rah-do. We feel compelled to pronounceNevada” as if we were handing a jar of Grey Poupon out the window of our limo. “Ne-vah-duh,” we say. In fact, a short “a” is the true pronunciation: Ne-va-duh

Is Nevada or Nevada pronounced?

On the campaign trail, politicians are often asked whether there is a correct way to pronounce a state’s name. I say Ne-VAD-uh, and you pronounce Ne-VAH-duh. The latter, according to Nevadans, is true, and the difference is significant.

What is the most mispronounced state in the US?


Why Does Connecticut have a silent C?

/flaesd/ is a simplification of /flksd/, and the cc of flaccid now occasionally signifies a single soft c sound. Indict In its derivatives, such as indictment, the name of the U.S. state Connecticut, and some pronunciations of Arctic and Antarctic, the c is silent before the t.

How do you pronounce Nevada?

Are you planning a trip to Nevada? You won’t get in trouble if you call it “Nev-AH-da.” Unless, of course, one politician gets his way. “Nev-AD-a,” not “Nev-AH-da,” seems to be the sole permissible pronunciation of the state. Irregularly pronouncing the state’s name might enrage citizens, particularly if you’re a politician.

Why do the British say bloody?

Bloody. It isn’t a violent term, and it has nothing to do with “blood.” “Bloody” is a typical term used to emphasize a statement, and it’s usually used as a surprise exclamation. Something might be “bloody fantastic” or “bloody terrible.” Having said that, it is sometimes used by British people to indicate rage


The “is kansas and arkansas the same” has been a question for many people. The answer is that they are not the same, and Arkansas is pronounced differently than Kansas.

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Arkansas is pronounced with a short “a” sound in the first syllable, whereas Kansas is pronounced with a long “a” sound. Reference: arkansas pronunciation meme.

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