Why is Kansas Football So Bad?

Why is Kansas Football So Bad?

This is a question that many Jayhawk fans have been asking lately. After years of mediocrity, the Kansas football team has taken a turn for the worse in recent years. So, what is the reason for this sudden decline?

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It’s no secret that Kansas football has been struggling as of late. They haven’t had a winning season since 2008, and they haven’t even made it to a bowl game in the past 10 years. So what is the reason behind their struggles? Let’s take a look at some of the theories.

The coaching staff is to blame

In my opinion, the coaching staff is to blame for Kansas football’s struggles. The team has had 9 head coaches since Mark Mangino was fired in 2009, and none of them have been able to turn the program around. The current head coach, David Beaty, has a record of 3-33 in his three seasons at Kansas. That’s not good. The team also has had trouble recruiting top talent. In the past few years, Kansas has only had a few 3 and 4-star recruits. In order to be a successful program, you need to have a good head coach and be able to recruit top talent.

The players are to blame

It’s been said that the main reason for Kansas Football’s struggles is the players. That the team just doesn’t have the talent to compete at a high level. While it’s true that Kansas hasn’t had the best recruiting classes in recent years, it’s also worth noting that some of the team’s most successful seasons have come when the talent level wasn’t particularly high. In 2007, for example, Kansas went 12-1 with a roster that featured just two four-star recruits. In 2008, they went 11-2 with only three four-star recruits.

The evidence

It has been a long time since the Kansas football team has been relevant. The last time they won a conference championship was in 2008, and they have only had three winning seasons since then. They have had six straight losing seasons and their last bowl game was in 2011. There are many reasons why Kansas football is so bad.

The coaching staff is to blame

Since Kansas last won a football game on November 8, 2008, the Jayhawks have gone 2-52. That’s a .038 winning percentage, which is the worst in college football over that span. In fact, it’s not even close — the next worst team is Florida Atlantic, which has a .188 winning percentage.

So why is Kansas so bad at football? The answer is simple: The coaching staff is to blame.

In the last 10 years, Kansas has had seven different head coaches. Charlie Weis, Turner Gill, and David Beaty all had losing records during their time with the Jayhawks. Beaty was actually 0-12 in his final season.

While it’s certainly not easy to win games when you’re constantly changing coaches, it’s hard to believe that Kansas is so much worse than everyone else. In the last 10 years, 24 different teams have changed head coaches at least four times. Among those teams, only Florida Atlantic has a worse winning percentage than Kansas.

It’s clear that coaching stability is important, but it’s not the only factor that determines success in college football. In the last 10 years, there have been 19 teams that have had just three head coaches. Six of those teams have winning percentages of .500 or better.

The conclusion is simple: It’s not just coaching stability that matters; it’s also who those coaches are. And Kansas has clearly struggled to hire effective coaches in recent years.

The players are to blame

The evidence is abundantly clear – the players are to blame for Kansas Football’s woes. The team has had a losing record in 9 of the last 10 seasons, and has only won 3 conference games in the last 3 years.

In looking at the statistics, it’s clear that the players are not performing at a high enough level. The offense is near the bottom of the conference in both scoring and yards per game, while the defense is giving up more points and yards per game than all but 4 other teams in the conference.

There is also a lack of discipline on the team, as they have been penalized more yards than all but 3 other teams in the conference over the last 3 years. This lack of discipline extends off the field as well, as there have been multiple instances of players getting into legal trouble or being suspended for disciplinary reasons.

All of this adds up to a team that is not successful, and it starts with the players. If they don’t improve their level of play and start behaving better off the field, it’s hard to see how things will get any better for Kansas Football.

The conclusion

The conclusion of the article is that Kansas Football is bad because of a number of reasons. Poor recruiting, bad coaching, and a lack of facilities are all to blame.

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